Jacques Bergerac

Biography: During his little more than a decade-long career, French actor Jacques Bergerac was typically cast as the suave, sophisticated European lover in a number of "B" movies. A former lawyer, Bergerac rose to fame by indirection when he married American film-favorite Ginger Rogers in 1953. He co-starred with his new wife in 1954's Twist of Fate, then went on to a brief Hollywood career, playing second leads in such big-budgeters as Les Girls (1957) and Gigi (1958). After his divorce from Rogers, his career descended into such clinkers as 1960's The Hypnotic Eye (which, ironically, may be his most famous film). Jacques Bergerac was also briefly married to actress Dorothy Malone. He retired from acting at the end of the 1960s, with his last TV appearance being guest-spot on The Doris Day Show in 1969. He died in 2014, at age 87.

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tbd The Lucy Show: Season 6 Sep 11, 1967 Duprez tbd
tbd The Beverly Hillbillies: Season 5 Sep 14, 1966 King Alexander tbd
tbd Perry Mason: Season 7 Sep 26, 1963 Rovel tbd
tbd Batman (1966): Season 2 Jan 12, 1966 Freddy tbd
tbd Batman (1966): Season 3 Jan 12, 1966 Freddie The Fence tbd