Linda Morris

Biography: Linda Morris writes with her husband Vic Rauseo. Their career began writing scripts for "Welcome Back, Kotter". Their other works include "Doogie Howser, MD", "Alice", and "I Married Dora".
Mossis and husband Rauseo joined "Frasier" as consulting producers mid way through the shows first season and became co-executive producers for the shows second season and finally executive producers for the third season. As executive producers, they also oversaw some of the casting and writing, often filling in for Christopher Lloyd if he were absent.
Morris and Rauseo won four Emmy Awards during their three year tenure with the sitcom, three Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series and one writing Emmy Award for being two of six writers of the classic season three episode "Moon Dance".

In 1996 they left Frasier to create their own series at 20th Century Fox.

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