Skip Bayless

Biography: Slimy piece of human debris who calls himself a sportswriter and appears as a "commentator" on ESPN shows such as The Sports Reporters, Cold Pizza, and Pardon the Interruption. Bayless is notorious for making outrageous, almost slanderous statements regarding athletes and for making wild predictions which almost never come true. He has been a sportswriter for newspapers in Miami, Dallas, Chicago, and San Jose among other cities but usually ends up getting fired because of his lousy writing style and questionable ethics. The most famous example of the latter occurred in 1996 when he wrote a column which strongly hinted, without any proof whatsoever, that Dallas Cowboys QB Troy Aikman was gay.

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tbd Cold Pizza: Season 3 Jan 3, 2005 1st And 10 Correspondent tbd
tbd Cold Pizza: Season 2 Jan 1, 2004 Correspondent (2004-) tbd
tbd Cold Pizza: Season 1 Oct 20, 2003 Correspondent (2004-) tbd