Vincent Sherman

Biography: A famous movie director in the 1940s, where he was chiefly based at Warner Brothers. He never gained a major critical reputation, but several of his films are still fondly remembered, and he was most useful to the studio through his ability to get along with both its reigning divas, Joan Crawford and Bette Davis, whose loathing for each other is well-documented. He directed Davis in "Mr. Skeffington" and Crawford in "The Damned Don't Cry". He also directed Ida Lupino in "The Hard Way" and Errol Flynn in "The Adevntures Of Don Juan". After leaving Warners, his film career began to decline, and, in the 60s, he began working in TV. He mostly directed series episodes, but also made the 1980 TV movie "Bogie", a biopic of his old friend Humphrey Bogart. He died within a month of his hundredth birthday.

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tbd Baretta: Season 3 Sep 22, 1976 Director tbd
tbd Baretta: Season 2 Sep 10, 1975 Director tbd
tbd The Waltons: Season 1 Sep 14, 1972 Director tbd
tbd Alias Smith and Jones: Season 2 Sep 16, 1971 Director tbd
tbd Green Acres: Season 6 Sep 15, 1970 Director tbd