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  1. There are characters that work better than others, and it takes a few episodes for the series to find the right tone (satire ain’t easy), but by the end of the 10-episode first-season run I found myself endeared to this disparate ensemble and deeply invested in what happens next. So, you know, a Greg Daniels show.
  2. Season 7 gets off to a bit of a rocky start with a dialogue-heavy establishing episode that’s understandably focused on set-up but frustratingly inert until its final moments. Fortunately, from those last scenes of the premiere forward, The 100 Season 7 moves at a breathless clip, infusing world-building with tense action, a firm embrace of all the exciting possibilities sci-fi storytelling has to offer, and another batch of impossible odds for Clarke and Co. to overcome.
  3. Looney Tunes Cartoons is a hilarious throwback that hits all the right beats and never misses a step. ... If Looney Tunes Cartoons and the creative team behind the scenes set out to recreate the timeless classic top to bottom, then they’ve succeeded quite well. If you’re looking for progressive social commentary, you’ll find it elsewhere
  4. Unless you’re a diehard Homecoming fan, Season 2 will probably disappoint. It’s not that Homecoming Season 2 isn’t as bingeable or well-acted or stylish as Season 1; it most definitely is all of these things. But after screening several episodes, it’s hard not to come away feeling like you’ve just watched what effectively amounts to a neat little epilogue rather than a continuation of the first season.
  5. No matter which way you slice it, it’s evident from the first seven episodes I was able to screen the team behind and in front of the Love Life cameras is a shrewd one keen to freshen up a very familiar premise.
  6. Despite some pacing issues that make it feel like She-Ra is racing to the finish line, Season 5 is solid. Ultimately, not every ship might sail the way fans want it to in the end, but the major relationships that have been developed along the way pay off with huge dividends in the final chapter, scripted by Stevenson.
  7. Beautifully made and complex, and unflinching when it needs to be, The Great at times feels like a light meal, but then reveals its surprising density. It’s a show that’s easy to underestimate, but promises to be unforgettable.
  8. Its jokes are rat-a-tat yet unpredictable, its characters are quick to understand yet ever-deepening, its performances are delightful, its animation is crisply fluid, and its songs? Wowee, its songs. They get you right in the heart upon first listen, and I promise you the first listen will not be your last listen. Simply put: Central Park is a knockout.
  9. While Snowpiercer is not necessarily unwatchable, but it’s certainly not easy to remain engaged from episode to episode.
  10. Cianfrance has a gift for exploring the complex relationships between people, and he deals the cards straight here. There’s also a timeless quality to his work that makes I Know This Much Is True feel like it could’ve been set at any point in the last few decades.
  11. Jen and Judy’s friendship is tested several times over the course of the season and watching their bond grow stronger is one of the best things about it. Season 2 is a ride.
  12. he overarching narrative, involving the Parisian underworld of drugs and guns and how it infiltrates the supposed peaceful world of the club, gives the series some degree of stakes but honestly, more often than not, feels like a distraction. ... What is here, though, is held together by the remarkable strength of the international cast, all taking their cues from Holland.
  13. The interactive technology still isn’t compatible with Apple TV, but in a computer browser, the interactivity and user experience is pretty sold). That said, it’s hard to deviate too much from the broader path, as most bad decisions are pretty quickly reversed and bring you back to the core storyline. ... Even though the outcomes were different, all three experiences were a lot of fun — you could spend hours replaying all the different options and tracking down the most obscure Easter eggs buried in these decision trees.
  14. It’s not necessarily the next culture-shattering title that Rick and Morty has managed to become, but when the cast, writing, and animation is this good, it doesn’t need to be.
  15. Absolutely spot on. Usually these kinds of reunion specials are a bit hackneyed or forced, but watching this Parks and Recreation special felt like home. Not a beat was missed.
    • 55 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    It’s a wholly unique story that might not land with everyone – some viewers may find it hard to accept the show’s whimsical heightened reality along with its R-rated elements, and the show’s earnestness could be mistaken for naivety. But there can be wisdom in naivety, and I found it impossible not to smile with genuine joy every time the show’s many pieces fell so perfectly into place.
  16. No small thanks to that knockout ensemble, Defending Jacob [is] absorbing for much of its run, though the compelling drama tends to come in fits, surrounded by lulls, side-tangents, and red herrings that too often seem to lead nowhere. In part, it’s obvious that’s because the material simply doesn’t fill an eight-episode run, at least not as it was adapted.
  17. City of Angels is so scattershot. Bouncing around between separate character studies isn’t inherently a bad thing—early Game of Thrones turned it into a phenomenon—but City of Angels stretches itself so thin you can’t really care about any place it lands.
  18. Upload is at heart deeply human and deeply funny.
  19. Story-wise, Stargirl isn’t breaking many molds; the villains introduced in the first three episodes are mostly indistinguishable from a lot of the Arrowverse’s rogues gallery, and the drama between a freshly-moved teen and their step-parent is a tale as old as time. But a lot of the charm comes straight from the cast.
    • 51 Metascore
    • 60 Critic Score
    It’s an enjoyable throwback to simpler sci-fi, and it’s a smart show.; The special effects and sets hold up, even if the characters don’t.; The acting is passable, but nothing spectacular, and I’m still not sure how they got a performance out of a dolphin.; I mean, was that thing real or what?; Recommended for the fan with extra cash.
  20. The Midnight Gospel lets Ward go nuts without any network censors or content restrictions, and the team over at Titmouse absolutely runs with it. So while the combination of creative talent behind the scenes is a winner, this new series is likely only going to appeal to the Adult Swim crowd.
  21. On Curb Your Enthusiasm, Larry David makes you feel like the whole world is conspiring against him, whereas with #blackAF, it kind of feels like Kenya is out to stick it to the world. You’ve gotta have the goods to do that though, and this time, Barris does.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Yes, at times laughs are coming at the contestant’s expense and some of the behavior featured on the show is downright absurd, but it’s all mighty entertaining and there’s a very effective blend of that absurdity and also some legitimate heart.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    The Innocence Files is the first true crime docuseries I’ve seen that doesn’t feel exploitative or sensationalized in any way. Rather than reveling in the gruesome details of a specific crime or glorifying a serial killer, it’s actually focused on the victims – both the victims of the initial crimes and the victims of the abuse and corruption rampant in the justice system that values securing a conviction over actually doing justice.
  22. You may not know exactly where you’re heading at first, but Run promises — and plays with how much it wants to fulfill — quite the captivating treasure map along the way.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    What the series does brilliantly is showing various vantage points—giving the viewer enough information to decide what side they’re on.
  23. A little disappointing but not inessential.
  24. I wish Tales From the Loop would press it further. I certainly don’t think it’s a bad show because it doesn’t, but you can feel the show tentatively holding back for fear of scaring you away with sci-fi jargon and technobabble which are frequently used in other anthology shows of this ilk.
  25. While the civil rights strides that have been made over the decades represent significant progress, any narrative talking about the Equal Rights Amendment is going to feel like a tragedy. ... This casts a harsh shadow over what is otherwise a captivating, well-made portrait of an important American movement that features one of the best ensemble casts in recent memory.

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