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  1. The character can be his own worst enemy at times, but he sure is fun to watch, and when you throw in the kind of pathos that a comparable show like Entourage never really had, it's a recipe for something special.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    Blindspotting is the rare film-to-TV adaptation that translates what made the original so successful and manages to expand upon and even adds to it.
  2. Of all the surprises and twists introduced by this show, perhaps the most exciting is its deep investment in understanding its central character at his best and worst, asking some truly tough questions against the backdrop of a time travel lark. Loki was always one of the MCU's greatest villains. But he's just as compelling as the hero of his own story.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    The transition of Sweet Tooth into more of a family-friendly fable is a good look for this sprawling tale, one that thankfully is full of hope rather than destruction. Sweet Tooth does this through an endearing adventure that shows rebirth and new chances can come out of even the worst disasters — which makes this a rare uplifting pandemic story in 2021.
  3. You can feel the plot straining at the confines of just six episodes, and an easy solution would be for someone to please, for the love of little green apples, greenlight a second season. Because what We Are Lady Parts does well, it does extremely well, and its infectious spirit and charming characters deserve a chance to play on.
  4. Despite having a runtime equalling almost five episodes of the actual show, the biggest surprise of the special is just how entertaining and engaging those 104 minutes end up being.
  5. Girls5eva, just like its characters, does its best to give us the monster hooks we’re used to while poking at the boxes constraining said hooks, coming up with a somewhat mixed but somewhat appealing result. Less Taylor Swift’s evermore, more Taylor Swift’s Reputation.
  6. That's the real magic trick a show like this has to pull off — creating a universe that feels fresh to newcomers, without alienating them or feeling too confusing. Like so many things in life, the key ingredient turns out to be the people involved. And in the case of both the fictional characters and the cast and crew, the people of Shadow and Bone deliver.
  7. Though it may sound pretty grim, Mare of Easttown never feels like overkill or "tragedy porn," as they say. Instead, sadly, it just feels nauseatingly realistic. ... It's both a physically and emotionally demanding role, and the certifiably excellent Winslet delivers an Emmy-worthy performance if there ever was one.
  8. At times it’s wildly serious and complicated, at times it’s unintentionally silly and simplistic. And all of the times, it’s addictive, gripping, unique, and jaw-dropping television.
  9. What makes This Is a Robbery so compelling, and unique in contrast to the slew of other true crime docuseries available, is that everything about this crime is weird. The show does a terrific job of using experts to relay the strangeness of the heist – from what was (and wasn’t) stolen to the decision to keep the security guards alive.
  10. I can only offer my opinion that this series appears to be fair and balanced, and that's all you can really ask of a documentary these days. Moment of Truth certainly makes an impact, though Green's redemption is ultimately in the eye of the beholder.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Them is a horror show, through and through. But while the violence is challenging, it’s not necessarily exploitative in its treatment.
  11. Game Changers isn't epic enough to serve as a tentpole series for Disney+, but it is the sort of solid entry that helps establish the service as not just the house that Baby Yoda built, but rather the home of good clean fun, for parents and kids alike.
  12. This superhero show may play it a bit safer than The Boys, which won't help it stand out in the current landscape of superhero content, but for now, it works and should satisfy fans of the comic, even if it doesn't reinvent the wheel.
  13. It's solid and the season finale, packed with loose plot threads, will make you crave a second season. And in the grand scheme of Netflix original series, this one might linger in the memory for longer than expected, if only thanks to that premise — the power of a truly great "What if...?"
  14. Taken as a whole, Debris may ultimately struggle to soar beyond its most familiar and predictable components. But, at least based on the pilot, its best qualities may make it better suited for this moment right now than you'd expect.
  15. In some ways, the fact that Superman & Lois feels very different from the shows that have come before it is one of its strengths, and its inherent heartfelt sincerity brings with it a lot of promise; promise it may be able to live up to.
  16. But For All Mankind's biggest, most daring choices aren't really what stick with you, in the end, because where the show really sings is in the details — there are moments scattered throughout the whole season that will electrify your brain and break your heart.
  17. The Great North is comfort viewing of the highest caliber, a glass of the same hot beverage before seeing the same friends at the same place, feeling lovingly ensconced by it all.
  18. While it's not the most avant-guard of pieces, that straightforward approach helps elevate the wealth of first-hand materials included, some of which proves genuinely haunting.
  19. In some ways, it’s very Black Mirror, but in other ways it’s kind of silly where the real victims are the PR firms and companies so desperate to make a sale that they can’t even distinguish if their potential customers are real or fake anymore. To Bilton’s credit, he also acknowledges that the influencer culture is not just one thing, and that while it may be built on dubious engagement, there are other times where activists have used the platform to try and effect change. Furthermore, why it’s sad that so many young people want to be famous, there’s a “same as it ever was” element to that desperation.
  20. It's a promising-enough pilot, but unfortunately, Episode 2 all but abandons that story in favor of a new assignment that finds the VICAP team deployed to Tennessee, where the FBI is laying siege against a fringe militia group known as The Statesmen. Episode 2 is where the series really stumbles, as everything gets wrapped up in a neat bow replete with sappy music.
  21. Overall, "Part 2: Jules" is a success. If the purpose of these two Euphoria special episodes is to help bridge the gap between Seasons 1 and 2 while also providing more depth for two central characters in a bottle episode-like structure, then "Part 2" succeeds (maybe even more than "Part 1").
  22. When it feels like you've finally gotten your footing and you know what's happening, you're hit with a plot twist that jolts you awake. Even if the actions a character takes don't make sense or the focus of an episode seems to be slightly off, you'll still want to know what happens.
  23. It's great TV on its own merits. But for those who relish these stories but always want them to reach further, WandaVision is a true triumph.
  24. Night Stalker makes for a compelling if grisly binge-watch on the level of the streamer's Evil Genius and Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez.
  25. Fans will find plenty to love in Sabrina’s final eight episodes, but unfortunately, it’s a farewell in which the whole is never greater than – heck, not even equal to – the sum of its parts.
  26. The costumes are beautiful. The actors are on point. It's a show that knows exactly what it is, but beautifully achieves that while also still layering in some surprises and modern twists. Turn your nose up at it, if you like. But you'll miss out on some of the year's most enjoyable television yet.
  27. Come for the mysteries, stay for the raw emotional catharsis of watching these girls scream. The Wilds is a hell of a ride, and the only downside is that in these uncertain times of production, a second season isn't necessarily guaranteed. And that would be quite a shame, because not only does the final episode of this season leave us with plenty of questions to be answered, but by that point, we've gotten to know these girls so well, we genuinely care what happens to them next.

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