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  1. Season 2 of Human Resources is the perfect example of how "elevated" humor doesn’t always need to be highbrow. You can include sex jokes, bathroom humor, nonsense, and all kinds of “lower” comedy and still manage to tell heartfelt and riveting stories in the same series — all while being funny as hell within your own context thanks to set-ups, punchlines, callbacks, and everything that makes comedy great.
  2. Based on a True Story offers a fun deconstruction of the genre that also forces the audience to question their own attraction to serial killers.
  3. The final season of Never Have I Ever is very much intended to be a crowd-pleaser. It's a conclusion that will likely leave fans smiling while lacking the emotional depth and impact that the three seasons prior have. It's not a bad ending, but it's a bit disappointing.
  4. Some storylines wrap themselves up too neatly for how painful they are but still manage to find their footing. The saving grace to all this comes back down to the characters.
  5. Though Chilcott is credited as director, the one really dictating where it all goes and what it discusses remains Schwarzenegger himself. He is almost always the one with his hands firmly on the wheel of Arnold, steering it into a work that is occasionally revealing yet too carefully sculpted to be fully transcendent.
  6. When everything takes a moment to slow down and just listen to the characters in moments of emotional transformation, there is a glimpse of what a more focused version of this story could have been. Instead, the emphasis on lackluster mystery subsumes what could have been a meditation on these more heavy subjects is its greatest tragedy.
  7. It’s truly remarkable that after sixteen seasons, not only does It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia still remain hilarious and weird, but that it never feels like it’s just going through the motions despite all this time.
  8. I Think You Should Leave is absurdity at its most brilliant, and thankfully, Robinson and Kanin have given us a great crop that doesn't need any goosing.
  9. It’s like the show wanted to showcase all its potential but may only be able to thread it together in a possible second season. If this is what it takes for this story to really come to life, then fine — but at this moment, it’s hard not to view it as a massive waste of time.
  10. There's nothing offensively terrible about FUBAR; it just needed its story to be much more focused than what it ended up being. However, even at its weakest moments, it has heart, and Schwarzenegger and Barbaro make for a great leading duo.
  11. Levinson's version of The Idol is sex-obsessed, shallow, and oftentimes painfully predictable, at least as of the first two episodes.
  12. It's a profound look at family, morality, and the harshness of life. We've waited seven years for it to arrive, and every single second was worth the wait.
  13. While there is a villain whose motivations we can comprehend, Ghosts of Beirut never dedicates time to truly explore how the American villains in the story play a huge part in creating the terrorists they work so passionately to eliminate.
  14. Cathcart was so charming in the To All the Boys trilogy that it's a shame both her and her character's potential was wasted on a mess like XO, Kitty, with its poorly conceived premise, contrived situations played for laughs, and lack of chemistry.
  15. It’s rare that a prequel — especially one premiering nearly forty years after the original — manages to live up to the original, so much so that I foster the exact same feelings for it.
  16. It’s great pacing for a thriller series with so much secrecy involved, keeping us curious and wanting to come back for more all the while still giving enough information so that we can start figuring some things out on our own. If the rest of The Clearing’s season maintains the same rhythm, this series will most definitely be a hit with mystery fans.
  17. This new season is the perfect blend of what always made this series work, which is a strong blend of absurdity mixed with genuine care for these characters and their relationships, and some of the funniest jokes on television today.
  18. When Black Knight manages to speed ahead from its occasionally belabored setups and gives its best elements room to breathe, it works as a more propulsive action thriller.
  19. While the whole cast of High Desert does what they can to elevate the show, there’s only so much even the most competent actor can do when the material they have to work with is this weak.
  20. Rogen and Byrne’s rapport as they seamlessly navigate the many highs and incredible lows that come with having a best friend in adulthood makes for one of the strongest new TV shows of the year.
  21. The series knows what it should say and advocate for, but has absolutely no idea how to do it. The worst part is, even at its most basic level, the show is incapable of conveying the gravity of one of its most tragic elements.
  22. It provides the rare feeling that it is exploring every possibility inside its own narrative and is able to excel in everything it tries to do. Whether there are more seasons to pore over or just the one, the ride has already been highly rewarding.
  23. The show could still drop a bomb into all this again and fumble what it has going for it. However, if you’ve made it this far, Fear the Walking Dead continues to carve out just enough of its own identity to stick with the series for its closing chapter.
  24. Unfortunately, the promise in Sanctuary's premise goes unfulfilled. Much like its underdog of a protagonist, it gets tossed around too many times to leave any sort of lasting impression.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    The show starts off a little iffy. ... By the 10th and final episode, those early concerns have mostly faded, and you find yourself happy that Disney is able to find a way to put good, new Muppets stories out in the world.
  25. What ultimately makes The Great's latest season so, well... great is how it manages to feel like the natural next evolution for the series as a whole, with shake-ups that are bold and potentially thrilling for what lies ahead.
  26. It captures all the fun of Star Wars, honing the story by focusing on the core cast, on their wants and ambitions, and the friendship that drives so much of what they do.
  27. Star Wars: Visions Volume 2 delivers some of the most inspiring Star Wars stories of this decade, simply by blending together the beauty of a story-rich globe and setting it free among the stars.
  28. Bupkis is as zany and wacky as can be and, regardless of personal verdict, it's hard to deny the ambition both in front of and behind the camera. From its excellent ensemble to its strong direction, Bupkis is one of the best new shows of the year.
  29. Thanks to a playful, cutting blend of humorous commentary from co-creators, directors, executive producers, and writers, Kelly and Schneider, The Other Two defies sitcom convention for a series that comes with a unique sensibility. With its laugh-out-loud writing, charming casting, and surprisingly tender undercurrent, there is no other show out there quite like The Other Two and we’re all the better for it.

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