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Average Game review score: 81
Highest review score: 100 Law & Order: Dead on the Money
Lowest review score: 35 Stronghold 3
Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 6 out of 245
245 game reviews
    • 91 Metascore
    • 86 Critic Score
    Batman: Arkham City suffers from a botched port job; it's unstable and the DRM offers an even greater incentive to pirate nowadays. The patch fixed most of my problems, but I cannot overlook the two weeks it took to get to that point so I could finally get around to this review. Once you get past these technical issues (or if you're lucky enough not to experience them), however, it really is an amazing action game that outdoes its predecessor in every way.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 87 Critic Score
    The Third perfectly refines the franchise's style and attitude amongst a sea of other clones and AAA releases. It stands out in every way and, dare I say, can give GTA a run for its money.
    • 94 Metascore
    • 97 Critic Score
    Let me clear things up by assuring you that none of the quest bugs, graphical issues, gameplay glitches, or unexplained crashes I've encountered can change the fact that I played this amazing RPG for well over 100 hours in the past couple weeks and absolutely loved it.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    L.A. Noire is an ambitious and brilliant game, carrying a new vision for the adventure genre. Sadly, it tries too hard to appeal to the mainstream by taking away control of your actions too often.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 35 Critic Score
    Put bluntly, Stronghold 3 is an unfinished game. It lacks at least a few years of proper development, which is very unfortunate.
    • 83 Metascore
    • 86 Critic Score
    Orcs Must Die! is a blast, offering a fun, fresh twist on one of my favorite genres of all time. While its unique defensive structures will be appreciated by the more creative strategist, I'm sure this title would be especially enjoyed by those that might be bored by the more detached nature of traditional tower defense games.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    What Nuclear Dawn does best is perhaps how it requires each team of players work together.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 68 Critic Score
    Redemption is enjoyable if you're a fan of the series or just have a hankering for mindless shooting, but everyone else should probably steer clear.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    If you think you'd like killing a LOT of zombies in huge and varied open-world environments, finding boat-loads of randomized loot, customizing your character and weapons RPG-style, or all of the above, you will love Dead Island. Bring some friends along for the ride and you virtually cannot go wrong. Just don't expect much in terms of story or quest depth, and be sure to mod the game just the way you like it.
    • 90 Metascore
    • 95 Critic Score
    Human Revolution does exactly what it set out to do. That is, perfectly capture the spirit of Deus Ex and transplant it into a fresh, modern experience on all platforms, while staying true to its roots in the PC version.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    I really like E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy. The shooting is tight, the character progression is deep, the visuals aren't bad, and it's a hell of a lot of fun once you're able to jump 30 feet high, not to mention do everything else a cybernetic/psionic assassin is capable of.
    • 54 Metascore
    • 72 Critic Score
    Bottom line: Duke Nukem Forever was not worth the 15-year wait, nor is it worth paying the full $50. However, I cannot deny that I thought it was both fun and funny, which at the end of the day is what this franchise is all about.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 81 Critic Score
    I really did enjoy the game, but I can't help but wonder what it would have been like if Volition didn't have to make sacrifices for the sake of the console versions.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    It loses some points for being an outdated modification packaged up and sold as a standalone expansion, but Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword is definitely worth the $15.
    • 95 Metascore
    • 95 Critic Score
    The writing is without peer and its execution brilliant, with the voice-over performances and details in visuals/animations rivaling anything Pixar has done on film. On top of all that, it's hilarious!
    • 86 Metascore
    • 77 Critic Score
    The campaign lasts about 6-8 hours, but it's really not particularly fun or interesting. Things that made Crysis so awesome, like destructible buildings/foliage and vast sandbox environments, are nonexistent in the sequel, and the "new and improved" nanosuit is little more than a shell of its former self.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 82 Critic Score
    I found Dragon Age II to last about 27 hours for my first playthrough, split almost evenly between its three acts (though the last was a bit shorter). This was disappointing compared to Origins, which took more than 50 hours, considering both were fully explored at a fairly leisurely pace...With that said, DA2 is still a pretty darn good game.
    • 70 Metascore
    • 76 Critic Score
    The only way for a campaign that short to be worth a damn is if it was the best three hours you've ever spent with a game in your life, and this is most definitely not that. It generally plays like your standard COD clone, only not as exciting or polished.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 76 Critic Score
    If you value a good story, engaging combat, and convincing vocal performances in an RPG, you will most certainly find Two Worlds II to be lacking. However, if you appreciate the journey itself and don't mind a game that's rough around the edges, you might want to give it a try.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 74 Critic Score
    There's no way it's worth the $59.99 they're asking. Based on the length of time you'll spend playing, it's comparable to being charged double- or triple-price for a movie ticket, when you may already be hesitant to pay the regular amount as it is! If you want to play it, rent it for 360 or PS3.
    • 61 Metascore
    • 63 Critic Score
    This isn't so much a revolution in destructible environments as it is an over-the-top and unrealistic new spin on what we've seen before, which is disappointing considering its marketing.
    • 87 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Dead Space 2 is intense. The campaign lasts around 8 hours on Normal, and almost every minute of that is spent enduring this psychological stress that alternates between exhilaration and agitation.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 88 Critic Score
    Treyarch really stepped up this year by putting out their best Call of Duty game to date.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    Bottom line, if you're looking to get sucked into a game and feel like you are a part of its world, this one is not going to cut it.
    • 93 Metascore
    • 95 Critic Score
    The best thing about it is the presentation, though; only Blizzard can make an RTS feel like an epic adventure.
    • 64 Metascore
    • 48 Critic Score
    I’m growing tired of people drastically altering the core gameplay mechanics of a franchise because they want to try something different, yet are too afraid to introduce new IP. Calling something a sequel causes players to expect certain things based on what the series has been like before and will be disappointed when it strays too far from that. This is not Command & Conquer; it’s a console port of a spin-off that should have been called something else.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 86 Critic Score
    Metro 2033 is like the eastern European Half-Life – a must for fans of post-apocalyptic settings, narrative shooters, survival horror, or any combination thereof.
    • 77 Metascore
    • 79 Critic Score
    This is definitely a faster-paced and more action-oriented SupCom, and while some people will like that, I would count myself with those that were hoping for more substance in the sequel to one of the deepest strategy games out there. As such, color me unimpressed.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 66 Critic Score
    I was playing a ten-year-old game that just received a fresh coat of paint.
    • 88 Metascore
    • 84 Critic Score
    This game is still very enjoyable. If you’ve played the first one (and you should, if you haven’t), there will be some severe déjà vu happening, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still better than a lot of games these days.

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