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115 tv reviews
  1. Coltrane, Waters and Riseborough are brilliant in this compelling drama.
  2. No one expected Taken to be turned into something brilliant but it had the elements needed to be an exciting show. Instead, it’s been made pretty ordinary. Too bad, Standen deserves to be shown off better.
  3. It’s [the] weird but human moments that propel Patriot, created by Steven Conrad (“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”), even as it keeps the spy-thriller plot simmering.
  4. The show is competent for what it is. (Phelan and Rater know the territory.) And the series manages to address some real issues in evenhanded ways. So while it’s not my cup of tea, I wouldn’t write Doubt off.
  5. Girls is essentially a hipster soap opera--occasionally clever or smart--but not as revealing as it led you to believe. This year it might take the step that has been promised since its first season, but maybe not.
  6. As a procedural, APB--from Len Wiseman and Matt Nix--is a nice futuristic fantasy made watchable by an attractive cast, but it is essentially shaped in an old-fashioned way--the clash of old and new, a little sexual tension, some dark secrets of the past, etc. After three episodes, it’s hard to see it developing into anything more.
  7. It’s meant as escapism, not realpolitik, and we should have faith people know the difference. Yes, there are flaws in the series, but in the first three episodes it keeps you hooked.
  8. There are enough pieces in place that should make final season of Black Sails a shiver-me-timbers fun ride.
  9. The eight-part series, based on the popular children’s books by Daniel Handler, is delightfully weird or weirdly delightful, depending. The hourlong show can be both light and unexpectedly dark.
  10. The show is fun, through, but kind of lightweight, a nice respite from an intense show like “Breaking Bad” or “The Americans.”
  11. While it struts and frets and boasts some top-notch actors, I’m not sure it has anything in mind other than being weirdly entertaining.
  12. As a film, it’s all over the place, but in some ways its crazy-quilt nature suits its subjects and succeeds as a touching portrait of a unique mother and daughter.
  13. Trollhunters has a nice vibe to it. There is an ’80s “Goonies” flair, but it is also has intelligence and flashes of wit, such as when a creature hums “In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg as it goes in for a kill, or when Toby finds out Juliet dies in “Romeo and Juliet.” Otherwise Trollhunters follows the formula for these sorts of stories, uncomfortable teen by day and superhero at night.
  14. For what it is--something serviceable to fit in CBS’s Saturday lineup--Ransom will do, but pretty much is a square peg fitting in a square hole.
  15. The series, created by Adam Nussdorf and executive produced by “Heroes” creator Tim Kring, hardly feels new. We have seen this person who gets unwanted special powers thing before. But because all 10 episodes are available at once, you might find yourself meandering along before you know it.
  16. Although Olson and the cast give it their all, “The Mick” is no fun.
  17. Season 2 definitely has more action and digs deeper into the mystery, at least in the five episodes made available.
  18. Incorporated is just one of another grim dystopian futures we have become so fond of. Hey, it could be dead-on, but it really doesn’t have a lot to offer. There will be a few parallels to today, and it is mildly diverting as a thriller, but we have seen it before, even if it is the future.
  19. McHale, the “Community” veteran, is enjoyable. The jokes aren’t bad, and it’s fun having Fry as the out-of-touch editor. Based on the first episode, though, the show is hit and miss. The premise is stretched every which way, but somehow Indoors seem a bit claustrophobic.
  20. The brilliant Black Mirror returns Friday for a third season--and its best one yet--on Netflix with six new episodes.
  21. There is nothing new in Killing Reagan from filmmaker Rod Lurie. ... Better to read a book--not O’Reilly’s--but a real history of the man’s life.
  22. The series has the sophistication of PBS’s “Downton Abbey,” only with more laughs. There is something quite modern about the Durrells without it feeling false.
  23. The series seems to want to exist somewhere between a Pee-wee Herman world, where Miranda exists within her own reality, and “Waiting for Guffman” or other parodies of self-important clueless people. It doesn’t succeed as either, nor on its own terms.
  24. The mystery along with its intriguing premise might have been enough, but the main problem with the show is the slow pacing. It’s easy to drift.
  25. Once called “The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport,” the series hits the usual notes but doesn’t sing.
  26. The fantasy-dramedy is cute enough, though it doesn’t have the endearing daffiness of “Jane.” Tori Anderson and Joshua Sasse, who play Evie and Xavier, have a nice chemistry.
  27. Much of this is pretty standard stuff, part legal drama, part soap. Atwell, though, is always so lively and interesting to watch. But the material may sink her at the end.
  28. Versailles has glamor and spectacle, but it’s hardly an epic drama. It dreamily drifts along for the first few episodes, introducing the characters and concentrating on outrageous behavior. All the military-strategy sessions blur together.
  29. Judging by the first episode, The Exorcist works as both a tribute to the original as well as on its own terms. There is something of a family drama inside the scares, which gives the idea of making a series out of it more staying power.
  30. It looks like Sutherland has another winner on his hands.

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