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  1. The remake isn't first-rate King because it saves most of the terror and special effects for the second half. More than 500 effects decorate the program, and the eerie cinematography helps transform Melbourne, Australia, into New England...In the lavish visuals, acrobatic vampires prowl ceilings and expire with ferocious flourishes. These bloodsuckers have different but very splashy ways of exiting the planet...Those images should satisfy moviegoers who can't get enough visual magic at the multiplex. But great acting serves the show better in the long run. [20 June 2004]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  2. Legend has it that 23 people disappeared at Rose Red. On the strength of King's name, millions more are bound to get lost there. So a warning: It's a long, punishing program that will leave you stupefied in Seattle. [27 Jan 2002, p.4]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  3. The Stephen King miniseries on ABC have underwhelmed me. I found The Shining tarnished, The Langoliers laughable, The Stand rickety, It exhausting and The Tommyknockers oh so knockable. Storm of the Century, however, wowed me. It is the most effective King miniseries the network has presented. In this genuinely unsettling epic, good and evil face off on a small Maine island pounded by a nor'easter in 1989. [14 Feb 1999]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  4. But the running time unwisely inflates this intimate story of a three-member family coming apart at the isolated hotel in the Colorado Rockies. The Stand was an epic. The Shining is not... The extreme length, however, leads to tiresome repetition. Horror and suspense are better served in small helpings. Even Alfred Hitchcock would have been daunted by these conditions. [27 Apr 1997]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  5. The first hour, "Battleground" with William Hurt, is brilliant, but the next three are repetitive, talky or derivative. [9 July 2006, p.10]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  6. Unlike the last King novel-turned-miniseries, It, which made clowns the stuff of nightmares, Tommyknockers won't frighten small children or household pets...Tommyknockers is more sci-fi than horror show - a close encounter of a second-rate kind. What a shame. [9 May 1993, p.D1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  7. Among new series this season, Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital is the biggest disappointment, a botch of monumental proportions. Next to it, NBC's misbegotten Coupling looks quaint. [29 Feb 2004, p.4]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  8. Hugely entertaining...Among the new spring series I've seen, Sliders stands out as the most enjoyable. "What-might-have-been" is usually a pointless exercise, but here it makes for some rousing entertainment.
  9. The Commish is a conventional cop series that will rise or fall on the strength of its main character, so it may have a shot. Chiklis, a stumpy dynamo who played John Belushi in Wired, is instantly likable as Scali, an "unorthodox" police commissioner in suburban New York.
  10. Wonderland, which debuts at 10 on WFTV-Channel 9, should carry a warning: It's a tough, tough show...When Wonderland slows down, it can be quite effective. The National Mental Health Association complains that the series distorts the mentally ill, but the portrayals are wide-ranging.
  11. You have to hope the show is therapeutic for Titus, because it has little entertainment value. [19 March 2000, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  12. Making the Band proves highly watchable. This story of a bubblegum band gives you something to chew on. [24 March 2000]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  13. Considering what's at stake, the show could use more edge. It settles instead for sweetness. [9 March 2000, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  14. The Beat needs more reinforcements because the main characters aren't strong enough to carry a show. Andre Braugher had more help on Homicide.
  15. Daddio and Battery Park are wisps of shows, so slight and feeble that they're not ready for prime time. They're not ready for anything, really. Lumping them with Friends and Frasier only makes them look punier.
  16. Daddio and Battery Park are wisps of shows, so slight and feeble that they're not ready for prime time. They're not ready for anything, really. Lumping them with Friends and Frasier only makes them look punier.
  17. You would do better to go out Saturday night than settle for this sappy supernatural thriller. [5 Feb 2000, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  18. City of Angels, a good but uneven show, crackles when depicting romance or behind-the-scenes intrigue. But in addressing race, the show can turn preachy, earnest and trite. [16 Jan 2000, p.F1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  19. This is the longest leap of imagination TV viewers have ever been asked to make, and at first the chasm may look wider than the Grand Canyon. It's a magnificent optical illusion. Your chances of bridging the gap are actually quite good, but it may take more than one try. [26 Sep 1990, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  20. Tasteless Tucker tuckered me out. [1 Oct 2000]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  21. It's pleasant and low-key but also slight and forgettable.
  22. ABC takes television to lower depths with That Was Then, which starts in a dreadful spot and keeps doing variations on it...This annoying show will push you out of the house to enjoy Friday nights.
  23. Like Whoopi, Luis just barrels along on coarse writing and over-the-top performances. This obnoxious show is the salmon doughnut of sitcoms. [19 Sept 2003, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  24. The horrible Hawaii suggests that crimefighting has degenerated to idiotic levels since "Hawaii Five-O" and "Magnum, P.I." The new protectors of paradise work in such stupefying ways that you want to shout at the screen, "Book 'em, Danno!"
  25. It's laudable that the show goes without a laugh track and studio audience. Going without appealing characters, however, is foolhardy.
  26. Both an engrossing medical whatdunit and a modern American tragedy...It hurtles forward with the urgency of a murder mystery and ends with the suddenness of a nightmare.
  27. No matter how The Tick fares, Warburton is giving a show-stopping, larger-than-life performance that should send his career zooming. Stand back and watch him go for as long as he can.
  28. The Flash has a wry, self-mocking sense of humor, too. "I think you've been reading too many comic books," Barry says at one point. [20 Sept 1990, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel
  29. It's an intriguing but emotionally sterile show, with flashy effects and flimsy characters.
  30. For a show about witches, Sabrina could use more tricks. The star's mother, Paula Hart, serves as an executive producer, yet Sabrina often looks less like a labor of love than run-of-the-mill kids' show. [27 Sept 1996, p.E1]
    • Orlando Sentinel

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