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For 816 reviews, this publication has graded:
  • 49% higher than the average critic
  • 4% same as the average critic
  • 47% lower than the average critic
On average, this publication grades 3.9 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)
Average Movie review score: 60
Highest review score: 100 Magnolia
Lowest review score: 0 Showgirls
Score distribution:
816 movie reviews
  1. Doesn't have what it takes to be truly terrible.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  2. A terribly bad movie, one of the worst of its kind in recent years.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  3. It's a half-life better than Martin Lawrence treading similar, simpler water in "Big Momma's House."
  4. Has a silly, insouciant glamour often employed to sell hair conditioners and perfume.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  5. Determined to try your patience, asking you to fall in love with it.
  6. Kiarostami's genius is elusive. His films may be unknowable, but they are undeniably hypnotic, charismatic.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  7. An archaic rail-ride into the heart of boredom.
  8. An arthritic failure, genuine only when the two outcast lovers' eyes dart toward each other, then retreat.
  9. A runny intimate portrait that doesn't trust Tammy Faye Messner and her story to enthrall you. So they've all but spelled it out: k-i-t-s-c-h.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  10. Binoche is the ideal creature for that kind of cosmetic expansion, and, here, her thorough modernity takes on an almost cruddy, Italian sadness.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  11. Regardless of how cheated out of a full-bodied motion picture you feel, you're still left with the year's sickest bathroom humor.
  12. A sweaty-browed exercise in precision filmmaking, but one that doesn't cheat you with wisps of tension and the pretense of attitude.
  13. In Criminal Lovers, the "Bonnie and Clyde" model of killing-as-erotica gets a shrewd, funny, decidedly French workout.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  14. Of course, there's little else of interest about Pokemon beyond the consumption factor. Buy more.
  15. It's the hypnotic long-form music video Smoke never got to make.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  16. Particularly anticlimactic - the film itself seems sprung from molting yuppie catalogs.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  17. A mixed bag with the promise of a better sequel.
  18. Through it all, Ozon supplies a sense of pathos that makes fun of its own soullessness, transforming a self-serious suicide note into an existential love letter.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  19. Comes on like an "After School Special'' psychodrama that's been taken off its medication.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  20. Wields its Middle America values and moralistic flogging of idiosyncratic lifestyle choices like a flipped bird.
  21. Priceless.
  22. A warm-hearted valentine to old traditions in China that are being obliterated by modern - and admittedly more efficient - technology.
  23. It's the year's funniest, most absurd sight gag.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  24. Deadly funny.
  25. An enthralling special-effects tour de force with a lover's nook.
  26. Too dumb to realize that the senselessness is viral.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  27. Highfalutin swill determined to pass itself off as a jazzy caper.
  28. The Patriot makes the Revolutionary War look like super-produced studio footage of the L.A. riots.
  29. You can see Bobby and Peter Farrelly bent over blowing violently into the sails of this toy boat, trying to get it to move.
    • San Francisco Examiner
  30. Imbued with infectious pluck. It's also a lucid, competent, titanically entertaining movie loaded with workable gags.

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