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  1. After its rough opening, Smart People settles down to be a funny, wryly enjoyable, effortlessly poignant parable of family life and a splendid showcase for its cast -- especially Page, who handily steals the movie and proves that her "Juno" success was no fluke.
  2. It's hard to recall another time when the cross-purposes of two collaborating filmmakers of a major film has been quite so evident, or when the theme of the movie itself has been so totally schizophrenic -- half populist outrage, half Nazi.
  3. It works on several levels, and stands out as a wistful meditation on the psychological cost of 9/11.
  4. With a title like Chaos Theory, one might expect a little runaway energy or a dash of wild spirit under the antics, but there's little punchy anarchy in this controlled experiment.
  5. When the veterans of this war are finally allowed to tell their own stories, we will have something worth listening to. Body of War is just election year claptrap.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 75 Critic Score
    If the chorus was the sole focus of the documentary, it would have been brilliant. Unfortunately, director Stephen Walker makes the movie as much about himself as it is about the singers.
  6. Hou's first film made outside of Asia is his most emotionally turbulent, yet he remains, like the balloon, outside looking in, a compassionate but distant observer capturing it all with a graceful restraint and floating beauty that ultimately carried me away with it.
  7. For all its other virtues, the supporting casting is lackluster, the script never quite kicks into place as a sports movie and Clooney the director seems to lack the touch that might have set the proceedings on fire as a zany ensemble comedy.
  8. For those whose idea of hilarity is an adult and a kid throwing fireworks at each other, then getting stoned and playing piggyback in the mall, this movie should be a refreshing tonic.
  9. Captures the overwhelming and uncontrollable emotional assault of loving and living through captured moments and sensuous images.
  10. Such an air of dumbness hovers over the movie, and it's all played so broadly that nothing about it is remotely believable.
  11. It has absolutely nothing to say -- no redeeming commentary about nihilistic, narcissistic society and its appetite for instant gratification -- which would have made it sociologically interesting, or at least sort of Faustian in theme. Instead Sex and Death 101 is as empty-headed as its protagonist.
  12. An exhilarating musical experience.
  13. The pleasure of watching such well-crafted entertainment offsets the small disappointments.
  14. It lacks the invention of Pegg's comedies with Edgar Wright, which buzz and crackle with ideas and energy. This one simply plods through, just like Dennis. Only Pegg's doggedness gets this effort across the finish line.
  15. 21
    A thoroughly ordinary drama of temptation, dubious redemption and easy revenge.
  16. Backseat satisfies itself with small observations and minor breakthroughs of self-awareness. In the scheme of their lives, this journey is just a speed bump, jolting them awake for a brief moment. The rest is up to them.
  17. My Brother Is an Only Child isn't a critique of the left but a film about the consequences and responsibility of "political action." Luchetti measures social justice not in ideals but in positive change and the compassion with which it is accomplished.
  18. Salvadori's homage is a bittersweet, funny, sporadically charming and consistently entertaining love story between two "kept" people.
  19. While there are good things about it, Stop-Loss is nothing spectacular.
  20. An allegory of our times, Shotgun Stories is a tragedy of biblical scale and an intimate family drama. Unlike the more lauded films of last year, which glorified a national preoccupation with bloody deeds, Shotgun Stories is a passionate cry to end the violence and a reminder that we, as free individuals, have the power to determine our own destinies.
    • 41 Metascore
    • 42 Critic Score
    This thing is a mess.
  21. While not a grand-slam comedy, the offbeat humor and easy byplay gives The Grand a winning hand.
  22. Plays like a pilot for a situation comedy about a 40-year-old carpenter who decides to return to the boxing ring.
  23. The script sounds like literal diary transcripts, the camerawork tests the limits of eyestrain, and the soundtrack bleats with mediocre pop songs by unknowns.
  24. Garbarski recovers from the melodrama with a final image that is so sweet, so simple and so understated that one is tempted to say it is perfect.
  25. For all the clumsy scenes and cloying performances, director Patricia Riggen puts her adults through tough choices and hard consequences.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 83 Critic Score
    It's a loving and attentive take on a charming classic.
  26. While too bland and stupid to be offensive, Never Back Down spouts a hollow message of nonviolence while celebrating the brutal satisfaction of beating the crap out of someone.
  27. CJ7
    Bright, bouncy, kooky and comically tone deaf, CJ7 is the most bizarre kids movie I've ever seen.

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