ABC | Release Date: March 27, 2005
Generally favorable reviews based on 36 Critics
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NewsdayDiane WertsFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: Like Hugh Laurie's irascible "House" title character, star Ellen Pompeo's newly minted Dr. Grey conveys such substance that you simply can't stop watching. [25 March 2005, p.B33]
Chicago Sun-TimesChuck UlieFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: Grey's wants to offer something for everyone, it seems, and does an admirable job not only of mixing drama, comedy and romance, but also of mixing in issues of today's complicated world of science. [24 Mar 2005, p.47]
Chicago TribuneSid SmithFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: The storytelling and dialogue are amusing, mildly touching and unpredictable...And Grey's Anatomy wins points for its cast, starting with Pompeo, who artfully combines brains, ambition, sexy good looks and glimpses of innocence. [25 March 2005, p.Zone3]
Boston HeraldSarah RodmanFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: A familiar premise with fresh faces and equal doses of humor and pathos might be the right prescription for fans of the genre. [27 March 2005, p.039]
People WeeklyTom GliattoDec 10, 2010
Season 7 Review: Grey has been on long enough now that it has lost much of its erotic sizzle--McDreamy is edging toward Mcnappy--but the satisfyingly steady seventh season is a model of a hit that keeps fitting nee characters into the blueprint. [20 Dec 2010, p.41]
Kansas City StarAaron BarnhartFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: If Grey's Anatomy falls short of being the next "ER," it's because it's too slickly produced. It comes with the kind of heart-tugging music and exquisitely lighted contemplative moments you might expect to see on, say, "The O.C." But the writing and acting, if not the staging, helped pull me through surgery. [26 March 2005, p.E3]
Los Angeles TimesPaul BrownfieldFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: It's promising material, even if you rarely get to experience it without the sudden intrusion of a Counting Crows-like dirge or the strange sensation that Sarah Jessica Parker is wondering, in voice-over, whether she has what it takes to be a brain surgeon. [25 March 2005, p.E29]
New York Daily NewsDavid BianculliFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: The best thing about Grey's Anatomy is the way it homes in on what it feels like to be at a new job, with new pressures, competitive new colleagues, demanding bosses and one life-and-death situation after another. [25 March 2005, p.107]
Denver PostJoanne OstrowFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: So far Grey's Anatomy is groping for a balance between over-the-top nuttiness and heartstring plucking drama; it lands awkwardly in the dram-edy category. If it would stop trying to be droll and ironic (this is no "Scrubs"), it just might make the cut. [27 March 2005, p.F01]
Philadelphia InquirerJonathan StormFeb 20, 2013
Season 1 Review: It could use a trip to the O.R. to remove some formulaic stories, and a visit to the clinic for an injection of originality. [27 March 2005, p.H03]