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My Gym Partner's a Monkey
Cartoon Network | Season Premiere Date: January 12, 2007
Summary: In Cartoon Network's animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey, going to school almost literally becomes a trip to the jungle. 12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium send their kids. With signs that warn, "Do Not Eat the OtherIn Cartoon Network's animated series My Gym Partner's a Monkey, going to school almost literally becomes a trip to the jungle. 12-year-old Adam Lyon becomes the only human student at Charles Darwin Middle School, where the animal inhabitants of the local zoo and aquarium send their kids. With signs that warn, "Do Not Eat the Other Students," Adam has his hands full just making it through middle school alive.

Ever since a typo mix-up that involved switching the last name, Lyon to Lion, a 12 year old boy named Adam Lyon was accidentally put in a school called Charles Darwin Middle School, which is an all-animal school where the parents of the animal children of a local zoo and aquarium send the children to, making Adam the only student that is actually a human.

Charles Darwin Middle School is like a rainforest because the school supplies animals of all kinds (including some not native to the jungle) living in harmony in their surroundings. Monkeys and chimpanzees travel the hallways by vines or swinging on tires between their classes. Underwater hallways run the length of the school where the aquatic creatures travel. Around the school, birds just fly freely.

Even in only one day, Adam has to worry about being alive because of the warning signs that say, "Do not eat the other students." Adam is always the last one to be picked in gym class. He must always try to fit in with all the animals, like gorillas, girraffes, snakes, birds, fish and bats. Every single class is like a challenge for the human who is alone. It's even tougher when you have Virgil Sharkowski, a bull shark who waits to bully Adam around. When Adam and Jake Spidermonkey meet they become friends fast, but Adam discovers having a monkey as a best friend can be as crazy as it is fun.

A few years ago, a friend of Julie McNally Cahill and Tim Cahill mentioned how he used to spend time with a monkey at an alternative school as part of growing up. They were inspired to pitch again after pitching their first animated cartoon called Carrotblanca. This is where the concept of My Gym Partner's a Monkey came from, which they passed to Cartoon Network. They also were pitching a more elaborate idea. Cartoon Network chose the elaborate idea, the idea in which this show is about.

Theme Song
I used to go to a human school where everyone was the same
but now I go to an animal school 'cuz Lyon's my last name

My Gym Partner's a Monkey
(Monkey Monkey Monkey!)
My Gym Partner's a Monkey
(Monkey Monkey Monkey!)

Bull shark, porcupine, I-don't-know-what, Going to this school's a pain in the--
What? I was going to say neck!
Oh. That's okay then.)

My Gym Parter's a Monkey
(Monkey Monkey Monkey)
My Gym Partner's a Monkey
(Monkey Monkey Monkey)
My Gym Partner's a Monkey
My Gym Partner's a Monkey!

Character Guides
Here are some character guides for some of the characters that have to do with My Gym Partner's a Monkey. Some of the characters in the character guide are minor.
Main Characters:
Adam Lyon: Adam is the only human student currently attending Charles Darwin Middle School. He transferred from his old school when there was a typo mix-up involving his last name, Lyon. In some episodes, he complains about the school, for example, in one episode, he complained about the lunch. Also, he tried to get out of attending the school because he was getting hurt often, but he has given that up and accepted going to C.D.M.S. Adam is also bad at sports, is lactose intolerant, can spell words correctly, and is in love with a girl named Kerry.

Jake Spidermonkey: Jake is an energetic spider monkey and is one of Adam's friends. He helps Adam in some difficult situations although sometimes he's the one that caused the whole thing. Also, Jake has an interest in his own butt and lives with his own parents at the local zoo.

Other Students: Virgil "Bull" Sharkowski: Bull is a bull shark who likes to bully others. His methods of bulling include threatening someone, stealing a student's lunch, and beating them up. When he doesn't have water, it makes it harder for him to breathe.

Lupe Toucan: She is a toucan who has a Spanish accent and spreads gossip. Lupe is also very tough and can be angered easily.

Ingrid Giraffe: Ingrid is a shy giraffe who is very tall and sometimes, her face is not seen. She tries to fit in, however her height adds to her feelings of insecurity. When someone needs help, she might be there to help the student in need. She also has an unrequited crush at Adam, although he never notices. She is actually the weakest member of Adam's group of friends and can be scared with almost anything, but her friends are almost always there to help her out.

Henry Armadillo: An armadillo who is like a comic relief character in the series, wears glasses, and has a southern accent (which is odd, considering Henry is actually a transfer student from Greenland.) He can sometimes be used as a ball and he is the news anchor for the school's news program.

Slips Python: A green tree python who is likable, easygoing, and is an underachiever. He can believe almost anything, making him very gullible and daydreams constantly.

Windsor Gorilla: Windsor is a gorilla who gives wisdom to everyone. He is as strong as he is smart, and has dreams of becoming the world's first successful animal ventriloquist (which is hard as most animals confuse puppets for living creatures.) Windsor lives with his mom (who is apparently very hot for a gorilla) and has issues with his father. Despite Windsor's intellect, most people don't understand what he is talking about.
Phinnius Porpoise: Phinnius is part of an advanced class taught by Mr. Blowhole. In the class, he is part of a group of smart kids called The Spiffies and seems to make fun of Adam because Phinnius thinks that Adam is dumb. Dickie Sugarjumper: A lemur by nature, he has been a comedian, a boy cheerleader, and tries to be as much as an individual as possible. When Charles Darwin temporarily adapted a school wide uniform policy, he worked with Adam to bring the school back to it's more wild ways. As part of his jokes, he says, "How's your trousers?" Duke Sloth: Duke is a sloth who speaks and does everything slowly. Daniel Tentacles: Like Phinnius, Daniel is part of the advanced class and The Spiffies. Larry Raccoon (Dingbang): Larry Raccoon was expelled from the school for being a delinquent. He came back as a panda bear named Dingbang to try to receive an education again, however when Jake broke the fish tube, water flooded the gym and his costume washed away. After that, the students threw dodge-balls at him, driving Larry away. LaTanya Hippo: A menacing, scary girl student who sometimes speaks with an evil voice. She is usually seen hanging out with Margaret Rhino and Joanie Ox. They all have perfect attendence at C.D.M.S. Eddie Panther: Normally a background character with only a few lines, he's noticeable due to his weird head-gear that he wears around his head. Alistair: A white tiger who used to go to Charles Darwin Middle School who by everyone else's accounts, was a real jerk and full of himself. He was transferred to Siberia where he remains to this day. He was replaced by Henry Armadillo and nearly returned when Henry almost had to move away. Staff: Principal Pixiefrog: Poncharello Pixiefrog is the principal of Charles Darwin Middle School. He is a very small frog, about eight ounces to be precise. That is small enough to be squished by others. Although his size isn't large, he can actually wrestle someone that is larger than him. Principal Pixiefrog is unlucky sometimes, but confident. At times, he is worried the school can get sued (this is his worst nightmare) and will do anything to prevent it from being sued, though he hasn't always been successful. His rival is a wolverine, who begins as a substitute principal, quickly becomes a regular principal, and is eventually promoted to superintendent of Pixiefrog's school and presumably several other animal schools. Nurse Gazelle: Nurse Gazelle is the school nurse. Her brain is the size of a dry soy nut, so that makes it hard to do things. Some of her answers never turn out right. Her first name is later revealed to be Jacqueline. Coach Gills: Coach Gills is a goldfish who is in a fish bowl and is the gym teacher. Some people mistake her for a male because of her grave voice. She may look sweet, however she is no pushover and never waits to give Adam a hard time. Assistant Coach Horace Ferret: He is a ferret and Coach Gills's assistant. Assistant Coach Ferret pushes Coach Gills around in a cart. Mrs. Warthog: Mrs. Warthog is the secretary and Principal Pixiefrog's assistant. She does most of the filing for the school (when she's not doing other things.) She seems to have a crush on the tiny frog despite their differences with each other and sometimes provides odd but helpful wisdom to students when they need it. Her full name is revealed to be Geraldine Sharon Warthog. Miss Chameleon: She is the school art teacher and drama instructor. Like a real chameleon, she can camouflage and teaches under a lamp while sitting on a stick. Miss Chameleon is sometimes considered a drama queen and directs all school plays. Mr. Cyrus Q. Hornbill: Mr. Hornbill is rhinoceros teacher who teaches stalking and other lessons. He uses Adam as the "prey" and gives treats from a cup to every student who answers a question correctly. Once, he was in love with Mrs. Tusk. Mrs. Loon: She is a loon that teaches creative writing and painting classes. When someone does something wrong, she points it out. Mrs. Eugenia Tusk: She is the school lunch lady. Sometimes, Mrs. Tusk can be greedy. Some of the food she serves include wormy joes, twigs n' berries, and mud squares. Mr. Mandrill: He is a mandrill that is the school band director, school guidance counselor, and detention teacher. Mr. Mandrill sometimes helps students when they have something wrong. His full name is Maurice Bob Mandrill, and he has been unlucky at love in the past. But now he seems to be developing a relationship with Windsor's mom, which while rocky at first, Windsor and Mr. Mandrill now seem to be at least good friends. Also, he is a bongo drum expert. Mr. Blowhole: He is a killer whale (also called an orca) who teaches in the advanced class (Spiffies' class). In the class, Mr. Blowhole teaches students how to spell words while in a tank. Usually a killer whale call can be heard. Other characters: Chad: A really mean, human boy that picked on Adam back when Adam went to the normal human school of Chester Arthur Middle School. He mostly only appears in season 1 and 2 episodes. Kerry: A nice, human girl who goes to Chester Arthur Middle School, she is Adam Lyon's love interest. She has attended a Charles Darwin Middle School dance with Adam first disguised as a giraffe, then just as herself. She developed a friendship with Lupe and Ingrid at the dance as a result. She and Adam have almost kissed on several occasions, but something always interrupts their moments. In fact, its revealed that the only time they've ever gotten to kiss so far was when Adam and Kerry were babies. She's a big Jiminy Japoopy fan (along with Windsor) and she also shares Adam's interests of liking clowns and nearly went on a vacation to an amusement park based on clowns with Adam. Even though they didn't, they still shared a tender moment on Hawaii. She sometimes gets frustrated with the incompetence of the staff at C.D.M.S. though. Amazon Kevin: A T.V. actor who comes across as a rugged adventurer, he bills himself as a man's man and was once Adam's idol. That star faded however when Adam learned how much the animals despise Kevin and also when Kevin was revealed to not actually be as tough as he claimed. His current status is unknown. Euripedes Sharkowski: Virgil's smaller (but older) and much more vicious and mean-spirited sister! Before Virgil, She used to be the bully at Charles Darwin Middle School. When Virgil couldn't teach Adam how to be more aggressive, Euripedes stepped in and with her training, Adam finally managed to pass a course that he couldn't pass before. She goes to an all animal high school along with the older brothers of Jake and Windsor, as well as the older sisters of Slips, Lupe, and Ingrid. Dr. Tom E. Tamarin: Although he only left Charles Darwin Middle School two years ago, he has already become a successful doctor operating both human and animal cases all because he grew a mustache in sixth grade. However, the stress sometimes gets to him and he even told Adam Lyon how to save Jake Spidermonkey when Adam thought that Jake had a moustache. Like Jake, he also has an obsession with his butt, although Tom E. has his obsession Far more under control and helps Jake get his butt obsession more under control. (Larry) I. Didn't: A man of Asian descent, he was once the head of a circus act called MASA (which stood for Most Amazing Simian Acrobats.) He was also temporarily a teacher at Charles Darwin Middle School when Principal Pixiefrog needed some extra help at the vast campus. Lord (Saucy) Sauceypants: Jake Spidermonkey's identical looking cousin, Lord Saucy seems to have it made as he's living the high life with reclusive rock star Doobie Broadway Jr. Jake and Saucy once traded places with each other so that Saucy could get an education and a day at normal life, and Jake could live the good life. As it turns out, the well-meaning Saucy was unfit to be a productive student and Jake discovered that Saucy's life wasn't all that great. Saucy had to do everything for Doobie due to the rock star's career stalling. Thankfully, Jake got Doobie another gig, allowing both Saucy and Doobie to continue living at Doobie's lavish estate, and giving Adam, Jake, and Saucy the run of the place while Doobie is on tour. Jiminy Japoopy: Born Jerimiah Japoopinski, Windsor has been a fan of this rockstar ever since he got his first tooth. Kerry and Mr. Mandrill are also fans of his. Gorillas are big supporters of Jiminy's music and are usually able to get into his concerts for free. But Windsor over-reacted during one tour of his, and has thusly been banned from attending his concerts, although he tried once again to attend a concert of his disguised as a human, and got in trouble for over-reacting once again. Substitute Principal/Principal/ Superintendant Wolverine: One time, when Principal Pixiefrog was successfully sued, Poncharello lost his identity and was unable to work. So a substitute Principal was hired, and he was a Wolverine. He turns out to be much more aggressive and vicious, constantly threatening to bite animal students on the buttocks if they don't shape up. He left after Poncharello snapped out of his depression though. He later returned as a regular Principal, as Principal Wolverine at a rival school of Charles Darwin Middle School. He later got promoted to Superintendant of Charles Darwin Middle School and the animal schools that are a part of Superintendant Wolverine's district branch. Despite his demeanor, he can sometimes be an understanding, fair-minded guy.
Genre(s): Comedy, Animation, Action & Adventure, Kids
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