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  • Summary: Set in the future where cars have been made obsolete by the blazing speed humanity has achieved on foot, Iridium Runners is a no holds barred, furiously fast racing game that allows players to step on shrunken opponents and knock others over the edge of the track and into oblivion. With 20 characters and 8 sidekick pods, each with differing strengths and weaknesses, knowing the track, your opponents and which combination to pick is essential to winning, Iridium Runners features several game modes, from a deep Championship to a single race, as well as split-screen multiplayer. A team mode is also featured, allowing for two paired teammates to race and battle one another on all the tracks. [SouthPeak Interactive] Expand
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  1. Iridium Runners is sort of the equivalent of a feel good movie. No, none of the characters are all that engrossing, there's not a whole lot to make you appreciate what went into the production, and yet... it just all works.
  2. By far one of the best budget titles I have ever played. It has very solid racing mechanics, and is a very fun game to play with friends.
  3. Iridium Runners implements a few very cool gameplay mechanics and is actually worth the price of admission. If it were a penny more, we probably wouldn't recommend it, but given the originality and general entertainment factor, it's worth a look for only twenty bucks.
  4. Sufficient sums up Iridium Runners quite succinctly. It's surprisingly entertaining, especially with four of your friends in multiplayer, but it's by-the-book in every way and you simply need more to be able to compete with today's higher profile offerings.
  5. Iridium Runners may be cheap, but doesn't offer much quality. With a bigger budget and more ambition, it could be fun.
  6. Perhaps the most frustrating characteristic of Iridium Runners is its wasted potential. [Apr 2008, p.88]
  7. Iridium Runners is an unknown game from a small developer and we always hope for a suprise hit. Unfortunately, often there is a reason for games to stay unknown: they're simply not worth the purchase. Iridium Runners isn't just lacking in gameplay, there's also not enough things to play around with and you get the feeling the developers were lacking in ambition. A game that could've appeared five years ago and still would have passed by unnoticed.

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