Description: From the creative minds behind Rune Factory and Harvest Moon with the development studio responsible for the Final Fantasy III and Final Fantasy IV DS remakes comes Avalon Code, an action RPG boasting a deep and engrossing story and innovative game play mechanics. Using the main character’s "Book of Prophecy", players can modify the rules of engagement during battle as well as weapon and monster attributes. The player even has control over the story as it changes depending on which gender the player chooses to play as, enhancing the ability to immerse themselves into the story. [XSEED]


  • DS
Initial Release Date: Mar 10, 2009
  • Matrix Software
  • Marvelous Entertainment
Publisher: XSEED Games


Jennifer Alyx
Cast: Mieli
Darrel Guilbeau
Cast: Werman,Duran
Xanthe Huynh
Cast: Fana
Erika Lenhart
Cast: Tia
Mona Marshall
Cast: Valdo
Marin M. Miller
Cast: Anwar
Kentaro Sato
Music Department: song arranger