Description: The greatest part of the axis campaign in Phase Two takes place in Africa. And the missions are with the Allies residing in Italy. Whoever finishes both campaigns gets to enjoy a bonus campaign in Yugoslavia. The story is more important to us in comparison to its predecessor. That's why we commissioned a world-famous author. We've built over 20 new units. The Italians now have the M13/40, the Carro Armato and the Semovente ATGs. The Allies, on the other hand, will have the M3 Grant/Lee, the Daimler Dingo and the Bofors 40mm Halftrack. An important feature is the various types of new buildings. It's possible in Phase Two to destroy parts of certain structures. For example, you can destroy only the watch towers of a palace. [CDV - Producer Interview Exerpts]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Jul 25, 2005
  • Stormregion
Publisher: cdv Software


Dirk Weber
Directed By
András Gáspár
Written By: story and screenplay
Peter Nyester
Written By: story and screenplay
Péter Nyester
Written By
Steve Blum
Cast: Randolph Churchill
Steve Bulen
Cast: James Barnes
David Cowgill
Cast: Hans von Gröbel
Kirk Thornton
Cast: Dario DeAngelis
Peter Weller
Cast: Jeffrey S. Wilson
Achim Heidelauf
Produced By: senior producer
Tamas Molnar
Animation: animator
Joe Moeller
production assistant
Dean Orion
voice director