Description: The reference for comic and mangas creation on Nintendo 3DS has returned! Smoother, bigger and stronger than the previous title, Comic Workshop 2 brings you extra comfort and new functions to make even more amazing drawings! Smoother? -Setup your most comfy config with the new button mapping interface. -Thanks to a higher response time, drawing feels more natural! Bigger? -New Gradation and Saturated Linework tools to add amazing effects to your drawings! -Improved Text tool, many more Stickers and Roller Stamps in full-color, a Clipboard is available to copy/paste between pages, a grid for precise drawings, a color lock option... and much more! Stronger? -New layer blending modes for amazing color mixing and a transparency lock available for backgrounds. Powerful transform settings for Copy-Cut-Paste, Stickers, Roller Stamps and Pictures! -360rotation and an aspect ratio lock for resizing without distorting. -Save your drawings in better quality, preview your pages from the menu, use colors in storyboard mode, etc.


  • 3DS
Initial Release Date: Jun 18, 2015
  • Collavier
Publisher: Collavier