Description: CRAZY KANGAROO - Another quality game from the creators of Doodle Fit and Monster Shooter.A groundbreaking, super-addictive and unbelievably cute 2D platform game from Gamelion that delivers pure awesomeness!MEET BARNEY – a cute kangaroo that was caught by evil poachers but luckily fell off the airplane and now has to make his way home. Help him – you two should hop along together just great! With intuitive tilt controls and handcrafted graphics, CRAZY KANGAROO feels simply perfect. Give it a shot!HIGHLIGHTS:- 3 fantastic worlds- Eye-candy graphics with Retina support- Easy to learn gameplay- Hilarious power-ups including Sugar Rush and Multi-Score- Over 50 missions- Leaderboards and ranks- Game Center supportFOLLOW US and stay in touch to get all the latest information about Crazy Kangaroo and future updates:www.facebook.com/gamelionwww.twitter.com/gamelion


  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
  • 3DS
Initial Release Date: Oct 11, 2012
  • Gamelion Studios
Publisher: Gamelion Studios