Description: Once an ancient kingdom full of treasures and magical artifacts, Eternity Isle has become lost in time thank to Jafar's meddling in magic. Journey to this faraway land and utilize a mysterious new Royal Tool - the Hourglass - as you discover new secrets and treasures and decide if you can trust the nefarious Jafar. Stop Jafar's scheme to steal The Spark of Imagination, an ancient relic that holds the fabric of Dreamlight Valley together. With the help of the Hourglass, you are the key to fixing rifts in time and putting a stop to Jafar's evil plan! Explore three new biomes, each with new areas to explore and make your own - from Ancient's Landing, the Glittering Dunes, and the Wild Tangle. With a fully customizable layout, fill them up with lost treasures and exclusive Disney and Pixar furniture. Reunite EVE with WALL-E, help Rapunzel start an art class, take lessons in heroing from Gaston, and decide if you can really trust Jafar. Explore Eternity Isle with your new friends... or move them back to live in Dreamlight Valley!


  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Mar 20, 2024
  • Pieces Interactive
Publisher: THQ Nordic


Mikael Hedberg
Directed By: creative director
Mikael Hedberg
Written By: writer
David Harbour
Cast: Edward Carnby
Jodie Comer
Cast: Emily Hartwood
Paul Mercier
Cast: Jeremy Hartwood,Pregzt
Glory Joy Rose
Cast: Grace
Bruce Nozick
Cast: Dr. Gray
Jasmine Gatewood
Cast: Lottie Tabouis,Felix
Clé Bennett
Cast: Jean-Batiste Tabouis,Frank the Goon
Susanne Blakeslee
Cast: Mrs. Thompson
Kelly Ohanian
Cast: Ruth Tallant
Roger Jackson
Cast: Maccarfey,Radio Voice
Felice Heather Monteith
Cast: Cassandra Beauregard,The Whisper,Sarah
Jesse Vilinsky
Cast: Elisabetta Perosi
Yuri Lowenthal
Cast: Mr. Waites,Jacob Van Ostadte
Anthony Palacios
Cast: Juan Luis Jorge,John Marcus,Official Voice
Kaitlyn Robrock
Cast: Yael Klein
Liam O'Brien
Cast: Herr Stern
Sean Branney
Cast: Dr. Herbert,Newspaper Voice
Andrew Morgado
Cast: Blue Collar Boss,Thierry Briclot,Morton the Mobster
Ogie Banks
Cast: Voodoo Salesman,Lens Salesman
Cesili Williams
Cast: Madame Cazanoux
Nneka Okoye
Cast: Norah the Poet
Stefanie Wermeling
Cast: Ruth Tallant
Fredrik Eytzinger
Produced By: associate producer
Claes Johansson
Produced By: producer
Michael Paeck
Produced By: executive producer,producer
Andreas Schmiedecker
Produced By: producer
Jason Köhnen
Music: composer
Árni Bergur Zoëga
Music: main composer
Oskar Karlsson
Sound: sound
Brody Neilsen
Sound: Dialogue Editor
Paulina Toscano Ramirez
Sound: dialogue editor
Chris Whiteside
Sound: original dialogue recordist
Rikard Ryberg
Art Direction
Hampus Back
Art Department: Lighting Artist
Anton Ehn
Art Department: Environment Artist
Linus Ferm
Art Department: VFX Artist
Rick Irvine
Art Department: Technical Artist
Marie Jockmans
Art Department: Lighting Artist
Anastasiya Kjartansdóttir
Art Department: optimization artist
Robin Koitzsch
Art Department: Lead Artist
Gustav Pethrus
Art Department: Character Artist
Michelle Powell
Art Department: Environment Artist
Johan Segelstad
Art Department: Environment Artist
Amr Mohammed Abdelhamed
Animation: animation director
Ludvig Degerfelt
Animation: animator
Lena Envall
Animation: Lead Animator
Olliver Eriksson
Animation: animator
Marcus Nilsson
Animation: animator
Dino Tabucic
Animation: animator