Description: This in-depth, documentary-style title promises to provide the deepest, most authentic and entertaining experience ever seen in a boxing video game. Prizefighter brings the realism of live action match-ups and the true tactics of the sweet science together for the first time. More than just a night at the fights - players are responsible for building a career by overcoming adversity, avoiding temptation, and balancing their commitments to train and promote, all while focusing on the goal of ultimately winning and defending the title belt. The story is told by a revolutionary sports documentary-style narrative never before seen in a video game. [2K Games]


  • Xbox 360
Initial Release Date: Jun 10, 2008
  • Venom Games
Publisher: 2K Sports


Matthew Seymour
Directed By: film segment director
Marek Walton
Written By
Jim Cantafio
Cast: Frankie
Jarvis W. George
Cast: Agent Wilton Greene
Don King
Cast: Self
Gabriel Knight
Cast: Boxer
Jim Lampley
Cast: Self
Bria Myles
Cast: Self
Hector Atreyu Ruiz
Cast: Jesus Silva
Ella Thomas
Cast: Tabetha
Matthew Seymour
Produced By: executive producer
Scott Jason Farr
Scott Jason Farr
Sound: sound recordist
Micah Johnson
Sound: sound recordist
Rory Hinds
Rory Hinds
Visual Effects: visual effects artist
Paul Large
Art Department: character artist
Stewart Jones
Animation: animator
Rory Hinds
Editorial: colorist,on-line editor
Christopher Fiumano
special thanks