Description: Hell has returned! Prepare yourself for DOOM II RPG for the iPhone, the sequel to id Software’s hit mobile game Doom RPG. The forces of Hell have invaded our dimension once again, and only you can stop them from their ultimate goal—conquering Earth! A mysterious distress signal calls your team—two hardened Marines and a rookie scientist—to a Union Aerospace Corporation research facility on Earth’s Moon, but you were unprepared for what awaits you. The forces of Hell itself have taken hold of the station and its inhabitants! Zombies and demonic monsters roam the halls, killing all who cross their path. Your backup squad is dead. Mysterious scientists conspire against you. Even the facility’s AI cannot be trusted. You are being hunted from all sides. Now, you must fight to survive, and try to stop the invasion—and uncover the truth—by any means available. The fate of all humanity is at stake! Choose one of three different characters and get ready to battle through hordes of deadly monsters, including returning favorites such as the Pinky, Cacodemon, and Revenant, as well as new threats like the Sawcubus and Sentinel! Battle towering bosses such as the Cyberdemon, Spider Mastermind, or the Pinkinator! Interact with other survivors of the invasion to get information about your environment and solve puzzles, but beware…not all of them can be trusted! Wield an array of lethal weapons, including classics such as the Super Shotgun and BFG, or powerful new ones such as the Holy Water Pistol! Take control of a Sentry Bot to kill your enemies from safety, or to scout dangerous areas! Zoom in with a scoped Assault Rifle and go for a headshot! Build your character’s power level through experience points earned by killing monsters! Use treadmills, armor repair stations, and target practice machines to boost your skills even further! Still need an advantage in combat? Use Nano Drinks to bestow abilities such as health regeneration, fire immunity, poisoned weapons, or extra speed! Purchase resources from vending machines, or scrounge what you can from the corpses of defeated monsters! Hack security systems! Aim your sniper scope using the accelerometer! Tap and swipe the screen to explore the environment, engage in combat, navigate intuitive menus, and interact with other characters! Touch the heads-up-display to quickly access your healing items, armor, map, or PDA! Stay alert! Stranded civilians, secret passages, deadly traps and more await you within the surprising world of DOOM II RPG! FEATURES: • Sequel to the 2005 mobile hit DOOM RPG. By the creators of the iPhone hit Wolfenstein RPG! • Battle through 9 maps, spanning the Moon, Earth, and Hell itself. Over 8 hours of gameplay! • Choose from 3 playable characters, each with different starting attributes and dialogue experiences. • Over a dozen unique weapons to find, plus improvised weapons such as Sentry Bots or even plumbing fixtures. • Eleven different enemy types—each with multiple, increasingly-powerful forms—plus four bosses. • Upgradeable skill attributes allow you to customize your character for maximum lethality. • Hack security systems to open restricted areas, hijack sentry bots, or lower prices on vending machines. • Power up using Nano Drinks to give you an edge in combat. • Interact with NPCs to get information, solve puzzles and survive the hazardous environment. • Loot the corpses of your foes to find useful items—or junk. • Auto-mapping feature and mission-tracking PDA functions ensure you’ll never be lost again. • Customizable controls; change the size, style, and placement of the control inputs. • Three levels of difficulty will give players of all skill levels a challenge. • Detailed graphics and complex levels which take advantage of the power of the iPhone. • Bonus digital comic included!


  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Initial Release Date: Feb 8, 2010
  • id Software
Publisher: id Software


Katherine Anna Kang
Produced By: producer
John Carmack