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  • Summary: Based on the hit The Secret Saturdays TV series on Cartoon Network, you will take control of Zak and the Saturday family as they explore the globe to discover and protect lost Cryptids and stop Argost from destroying the Earth.
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  1. Secret Saturdays is for the most part an enjoyable experience for fans of the show and preteens that need something to do on their DS. The rest of us might be better off with Pokemon and Bionic Commando elements in their pure forms, however.
  2. I really wanted to see this title take off. It has some things in it to make a player stand up and get excited, but those same things are painfully underdeveloped and a potentially great license is squandered.
  3. Despite its linearity, The Secret Saturdays: Beasts of the 5th Sun is still a title to try for all the cartoon's fan, who won't be disappointed by the good plot.
  4. As it stands, this title's shortcomings hold it back from being appropriate for anything but the most dedicated fans of the show or platforming games.
  5. Beast of the 5th Sun is unfortunately yet another mediocre licensed game. It has some good ideas and tries valiantly to present the cartoon universe in video gameform, but only fans of the series will be able to fully enjoy this title.