Description: The sci-fi action of the EDF series comes to the PlayStation4 for the first time in this reimagining of Earth Defense Force 2025, now with improved framerates and graphics, and over 50% new content. After selecting from one of four unique playable classes and customizing their weapons, players lead NPC troops into city-wide battles against hordes of seemingly endless giant bugs, robots, and other colossal enemies. 2 players can enjoy local co-op and versus modes, while online co-op supports up to four players to increase the odds against a massive swarm of enemies.


  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
  • Nintendo Switch
Initial Release Date: Dec 8, 2015
  • Sandlot
Publisher: XSEED Games


Toshio Noguchi
Directed By
Bryce Papenbrook
Cast: Ranger 27
David Vincent
Cast: Ranger 8
Karen Strassman
Cast: Tactics Officer
Patrick Seitz
Cast: Whale
Kyle Hebert
Cast: Soldier A,Ranger 21
Walter Jones
Cast: Soldier B
Kevin Delaney
Cast: Soldier C
Dex Dunlap
Cast: Soldier D
Ben Diskin
Cast: Soldier E
Lucien Dodge
Cast: Soldier F
Michael McConnohie
Cast: Commander A
Chuck Morgan
Cast: Commander B
Chris Jai Alex
Cast: Commander C
Keith Silverstein
Cast: Commander D,Ranger 7
Amanda Céline Miller
Cast: Wing Diver Soldier A
Erika Harlacher
Cast: Wing Diver Soldier B
Danielle McRae
Cast: Wing Diver Soldier C
Cherami Leigh
Cast: Wing Diver Soldier D
Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Cast: Citizen (Female) A,TV Announcer
Carrie Savage
Cast: Citizen (Female) B,Porters 1
Joshua Tomar
Cast: Citizen (Male) A,Scout 4
Todd Stone
Cast: Citizen (Male) B
Sean Chiplock
Cast: Citizen (Male) C