Description: Help Vektor escape the clutches of the evil CPU & its army of Patrols, Hunters and Interceptors. Vektor has been locked inside your Central Processing Unit. He is not sure how he got there or how long he has been there but he needs your help to escape. The CPU has disabled Vektor's ability to move around independently but he is an expert coder. Work with Vektor to help him escape the evil clutches of the CPU. Direct him through the CPU's labyrinth, avoiding enemy Patrols, Hunters and Interceptors. You must move fast as the CPU can adapt quickly to your escape. Vektor will code new abilities for you to combat the increasing power of the CPU, but his fate lies in your hands. Features - 30 levels of Retro Arcade Adventure action! - Boost and Blast your way through each level - Evade, escape and destroy enemies - Uncover the story behind Vektor's imprisonment


  • Wii
Initial Release Date: Sep 29, 2011
  • Nnooo
Publisher: Nnooo