Description: Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture transports the player back to the brief moments leading up to the apocalypse to explore the choices people make when they’re faced with world-shattering events beyond their control.


  • PlayStation 4
  • PC
Initial Release Date: Aug 11, 2015
  • The Chinese Room
Publisher: SCEA


Kate Saxon
Directed By
Matthew Aubrey
Cast: Sean Davies
Jonathan Bailey
Cast: Rhys Shipley
Jamie Ballard
Cast: Jeremy Wheeler
Jason Baughan
Cast: Howard Lantham
Susan Brown
Cast: Wendy Boyles
Kezia Burrows
Cast: Diana Davies,June Fletcher
Simon Chandler
Cast: Philip Wade
Lu Corfield
Cast: Lizzie Graves
Ifan Huw Dafydd
Cast: Graeme Sampson
Merle Dandridge
Cast: Kate Collins
Oliver Dimsdale
Cast: Stephen Appleton
Alison Dowling
Cast: Meg Holloway,Evie Baker
Aimee-Ffion Edwards
Cast: Rachel Baker
Simon Lenagan
Cast: Sam Baker
Lydia Leonard
Cast: Amanda Mason
Victor McGuire
Cast: Charlie Tate
David Sterne
Cast: Frank Appleton
Siân Thomas
Cast: Barbara Foster
Timothy Watson
Cast: Clive Smith,Terry Fletcher
William 'Chip' Beaman
Produced By: dialogue executive producer: Director of Studio Services at Formosa Interactive
Julia Bianco
Produced By: dialogue producer
William V. Ullman
Produced By: creative producer
Chris Canning
Sound: house engineer
David W. Collins
Sound: dialog producer
Andrea Contino
Sound: boom operator
Anthony Hales
Sound: sound editor
Emile Mika
Sound: foley engineer: SCEA
Eddie Pacheco
Sound: sound designer
Casey Slocum
Sound: foley engineer: SCEA
Anna Clara Casapollo
Production Management: production manager
Ian Maude
thanks: The Chinese Room
Grace Davidson
Music Department: soprano,vocalist: soprano
Chuck Doud
Music Department: director of music
Ben Foster
Music Department: conductor
Dave Foster
Music Department: music preparation
Jim Fowler
Music Department: orchestrator
Ted Kocher
Music Department: score preparation and editing
London Voices
Music Department: choir
Metro Voices
Music Department: choir
Everton Nelson
Music Department: musician
Ben Parry
Music Department: choir director
Peter Scaturro
Music Department: score producer
Warren Zielinski
Music Department: musician: violin
Bruce White
Music Department: musician: viola
Martin Vaughan
Casting Department: casting