Description: Firewall Ultra is the next evolution in the Firewall franchise. Set 5 years after the original game, the contractors and locations you've grown to love have evolved and moved into the next generation. Since PS VR2 offers a much higher level of visual fidelity with 4K HDR, we've completely remade all character models. The maps have also seen a complete overhaul, with new areas and new textures. There will also be new locations and contractors, but it wouldn't be a Firewall game without the weaponry and equipment, which also feature a much deeper level of customization. On top of all that, Firewall Ultra utilizes new PlayStation VR2 Sense Technology features like eye tracking, which enables you to intuitively swap weapons and bring up HUD indicators through cameras built into the PS VR2 headset.


  • PlayStation 5
Initial Release Date: Aug 24, 2023
  • First Contact Entertainment
Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment