Description: In Law & Order: Justice is Served, players are assigned to a murder case involving twenty-year-old tennis sensation, Elena Kusarova, whose body was discovered the day before the start of the U.S. Open. Players will need to search the crime scene, analyze evidence, solve puzzles, interrogate suspects and make arrests alongside Detectives Lennie Briscoe and Ed Green. After a suspect is in custody, the player will need to put a compelling case together with A.D.A. Serena Southerlyn in order to convince the jury to return a guilty verdict. New features for this third installment in the Law & Order game franchise include a new character from the TV show, Detective Ed Green; a re-designed, more intuitive interface; increased interactivity and flexibility with more characters and locations; improved performance; and unlockable bonus content from the actors on the show. With many more interviews and clever puzzles seamlessly integrated into the storyline, this third installment promises to be an even longer, more fulfilling gameplaying experience than the previous versions. [Legacy Interactive]


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Oct 5, 2004
  • Legacy Interactive
Publisher: Legacy Interactive


Dick Wolf
Written By: creator "Law & Order"
Suzanne Oshry
Written By: written by
Jerry Orbach
Cast: Detective Lennie Briscoe
Jesse L. Martin
Cast: Detective Ed Green
Elisabeth Röhm
Cast: Assistant District Attorney Serena Southerlyn
Alan Oppenheimer
Cast: Charles Northcutt
Charles Dennis
Cast: Hershel Morton,Yuri Zaliski
Duane R. Shepard Sr.
Cast: Judge Winston Edwards
Ara Celi
Cast: Elizabeth Hernandez,Paola Navaro
Phil Morris
Cast: Tony Jefferson,Omar Talib
Sam McMurray
Cast: Jack Foster,Henry Haskins
Neil Ross
Cast: Geoffrey Hoffman M.D.,Ben Winters
Dina Pearlman
Cast: Sharon Rutledge M.D.,Sophie Marguilies,Eleanor Sullivan
Julianne Buescher
Cast: Nicole Beaumont,Claire Thomas
Peter Renaday
Cast: David Benninger,Dmitri Petrov
Sean Donnellan
Cast: Howard Cragen,Mark Greenfield
Christian Oliver
Cast: Oliver Christian
Alexander Polinsky
Cast: Jesus Gonzalez,Jimmy Russo,Rodrigo Silva
Rajia Baroudi
Cast: Ivana Kirenikov,Svetlana Kusarova
Brad Abrell
Cast: Frank Morelli,Gus Olsen
Candy Ford
Cast: Kaya Talib
Keiko Agena
Cast: Toki Yamamato
Joe Warshaw
Cast: Court Room Watcher
Ariella Lehrer
Produced By: executive producer
Christina Taylor Oliver
Produced By: producer
Abby North
Sound: sound editor
Jesus Uriarte
Art Direction
Ron Ruvalcava Jr.
Visual Effects: 3d visual effects artist
Jason 'Jay' Brown
Art Department: set dresser
Dena Light
Art Department: additional art
Stephen Rice
Art Department: additional art
Geoffrey Stout
Art Department: additional art
Jesus Uriarte
Art Department: lead artist
Derek Blume
Animation: animator
Chris Bowers
Animation: animator
Edward Galvan Jr.
Animation: animator
Scott Hyman
Animation: animator
Emilie Leborgne
Animation: animator
Alex Moon
Animation: animator
Igor Pinkevich
Animation: 3-D character modeler
Dani Rosen
Animation: animation supervisor
Shon Stewart
Animation: animator
Jean-Paul Bas
production assistant
Craig Brannon
game designer,product development director
Kervin Camarce
quality assurance
Colin Campbell
quality assurance
Emily Charuhas
production assistant
Chrissy Deters
quality assurance lead
David Fischer
lead programmer
Chris Fregien
3-D artist
Charles Hu
3-D artist
Eric Hulser
3-D artist
Ray Ivey
puzzle consultant
Stephanie Johnson
marketing director
Michelle Lee
production assistant
Sang Lee
web site designer
Gretchen Lösh
quality assurance
Ricardo Perez
3-D artist
Christopher Strobel
quality assurance
Niais Taylor
quality assurance
Matt Roszak
Camera Department: rigging
Tom Westerlin
Camera Department: rigging