Description: In the not-too-distant future. America has been torn apart by a savage force known only as the 'Miasma'. Meet Elvis, a young man brought to the mining town of Sedentary as a baby. Left by his mother in the care of a robotic older 'brother' and given a mysterious glove with which he can control the Miasma. Join the brothers on a quest across a post-apocalyptic wasteland to find the answers they crave. Answers which may change the course of human history forever. From the creators of Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden, comes a beautifully crafted tactical adventure you won't forget.


  • PC
  • Xbox Series X
  • PlayStation 5
Initial Release Date: May 23, 2023
  • The Bearded Ladies Consulting
Publisher: 505 Games


Beth Park
Directed By
John Zurhellen
Written By
Daniel Amerman
Cast: Elvis
Jeanie Brown
Cast: Bha Mahdi
Jim Greulich
Cast: Mayor Mason
Beth Park
Cast: Additional Voices
Jennie Kwan
Cast: Faye,Additional Voices
Blessed Niayemi
Cast: Hattie,Additional Voices
Adriana Colon
Cast: Additional Voices
Susie Trayling
Cast: Deacon Cash,Additional Voices
Alana Barrett-Adkins
Cast: Georgie,Bertha,Additional Voices
Amber Aviles
Cast: Hera,Additional Voices
Courtney Lin
Cast: Stella Taisto,Additional Voices
Marta Svetek
Cast: Aphro Byte,Additional Voices
Aneesha DuBois
Cast: Sapien the Apostle,Additional Voices
Dana Green
Cast: Bha Jett,Additional Voices
Nicole Hodges
Cast: Bha Margit,Additional Voices
Jean-Francois Donaldson
Cast: Diesel D,Additional Voices
Marco Antonio Rodriguez
Cast: Additional Voices
Jack Baca
Cast: Quendyl Zen,Additional Voices
Stephen Fu
Cast: Vyse,Additional Voices
Issa Deas
Cast: Frank,Additional Voices
Bruce Barker
Cast: Romulus Zen,Additional Voices
Jacob Browning
Cast: Additional Voices
Adam Diggle
Cast: Earle,Pete,Additional Voices
Andres Williams
Cast: Maxis Delgado,Zarin,Additional Voices
David Shatraw
Cast: Additional Voices
James Macnaughton
Cast: Zarrin,Additional Voices
Arthur Romeo
Cast: Additional Voices
Vargus Mason
Cast: Additional Voices
Sean Lynch
Cast: Additional Voices
Michael Orenstein
Cast: Additional Voices
Andrew Wheildon-Dennis
Cast: Robo Bodin,Flyer Bot,Johann Galahad,Kazakov,Pontificus Max,Thor Munsen,Robo Bodin,Plunger Joe,Bullet Twenty-one,Comment,Flanagan,Townsfolk,Additional Voices
Tim Heller
Cast: Axel Texaco,Additional Voices
Tim Friedlander
Sound: recording engineer
Sloan Welsch
Sound: recording engineer
Frankie Harper
Music Department: Score Mixer
Robert Lundgren
Music Department: music designer,music producer
Josh Weeden
Casting Department: Voice and Casting Director