Description: *** LIMITED TIME $0.99 SALE !!!*** Latest update adds a new type of driving experience with special USA Stars & Stripes Monster Truck! In addition to existing Trucks, this further expands the variety of driving with a special truck with flexible suspension, huge wheels, and more weight. The update also includes new developments to the highly-appraised physics and graphics of the game, taking the game-play and feel of controlling the huge monster trucks even further. Reviews: "Monster Trucks Nitro is very fun monster truck racing game with excellent three dimensional graphics, challenging game play, and an awesome physics environment. I recommend this game for all ages, including children." - Appmodo.com "What do you get when you combine nitro, great graphics and flawless frame rate? Recently updated Monster Trucks Nitro comes with really souped up graphics and performs with silky smooth frame rates. The game does what it promises. Find your trucks situated in a desert full of walls, piled up buses, gas drums and of course, nitro boosts. The design of MTN is superb. The graphics are well rendered in full 3D. Overall, it was wonderfully executed and polished" -TheAppEra.com "This is a game for all the truck and speed lovers. There will be not a single moment, when you may feel bored. This game is a must have in your iPhones, grab your copy today and start playing!" - iPhoneApps.org "What’s truly awesome about this app are the physics involved in the motion. Monster Trucks Nitro is just another example of where the iPhone is heading as a gaming platform." - Phoxware.com "Monster Truck Nitro is an exciting game with hours of replay value. Whether you are a truck fanatic, or are just looking for some fun, this game is for you." - AppChatter.com "Monster Trucks Nitro impressed us with its graphics ,gameplay and overall fun of playing. Fun ,relaxing uncomplicated game play" - GameDroid.net "You’ll love the incredible reaction between the trucks and the track obstacles. RedLynx has developed beautiful settings to race in." - AppSmile.com "The 3D graphics for this game are stunning." - PocketMobile.org "Monster Trucks Nitro by RedLynx will get your heart racing." - CrazyMikesApps.com About the game: Monster Trucks Nitro on iPhone continues the storm started by Monster Trucks Nitro for PC & Mac. On PC & Mac the game has been a huge success, claiming #1 spot in number of casual channels, and rising to #4 position in all Apple Mac downloads. Now the great playability of PC & MAC Monster Trucks Nitro is available also for iPhone! Race, jump and nitroboost your way pass thrilling dynamic levels with your monster trucks. Earn medals and unlock new levels and vehicles. Features: - Real Monster Trucks physics with iPhone! - Unique Bubble Level rotation control - Includes multiple camera modes including Holographic Pro camera mode - Stars & Stripes monster Truck with huge wheels and responsive suspension - Extremely powerful RedLynx Monster Truck and Miniclip monster Trucks - Extra achievement Trucks Schoolbus Monster Truck and Formula Monster Truck - 8 thrilling tracks with medal achievements, including among others the famous ones like The Loop, The Gap and The Nitromus oximus - Top hiscores lists for each track - Gesture camera controls RedLynx is an award-winning game developer for multiple gaming platforms, based in Helsinki, Finland. RedLynx’s best known games are Pathway to Glory (selected of Best Mobile Game of 2005 by Mobile Entertainment Forum), Reset Generation (among others, Pocketgamer 2008, 10/10 points), legendary RedLynx Trials-series with over 20 million unique players so far (web and PC, e.g. Acegamez 10/10), and as the latest success case, Monster Trucks Nitro.


  • PC
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad)
Initial Release Date: Jan 29, 2009
  • RedLynx
Publisher: RedLynx