Description: The Sega Sports NFL franchise makes its PS2 debut with such new features as its intelligent passing/catching system providing for greater accuracy in pass play timing and execution, and advanced in-game effects such as natural outdoor lighting that casts real-time stadium shadows onto the field.


  • Dreamcast
  • PlayStation 2
  • Xbox
Initial Release Date: Jan 9, 2002
  • Visual Concepts
Publisher: Sega


Elaine A. Clark
Cast: Michelle Weshphal
Doug Dull
Cast: PA Announcer
Terence McGovern
Cast: Dan Stevens
Jay Styne
Cast: Peter O'Keefe
Tim White
Cast: Referee
Jerry Markota
Produced By: executive producer: Sega.com
Greg Thomas
Produced By: executive producer: Visual Concepts
Brian Luzietti
Sound: audio director