Description: Launch sale! Nuclien is half price for a limited period."An addictive unique puzzle game you won't be able to put down"The new universe is about to begin, in this empty void there is nothing. All that remains is for the DNA architect to successfully sequence the DNA that will become the origin of everything that exists…Nuclien takes a simple concept and turns it into an addictive and challenging experience. Race against the clock to find the numbers in their correct order, while counting up, down or even doing both at the same time!· 80 levels each with their own different visual styles that offer countless hours of gameplay.· Online leaderboards and gamecenter achievements will allow you to keep on playing long after you have completed the game.· 6 modes of play.· Entrancing soundtrack made up of retro tinged electronica, built into an interactive musical landscape that let’s players get lost in the experience.· Fans of springloaded’s previous title Hiragana Pixel Party can turn on the optional Kanji mode to play in Japanese!


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