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  1. Mar 12, 2018
    ​A bad port that doesn't honor the fame of a masterpiece​.
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  1. Feb 24, 2019
    I don't knwo whether its lazyness or stupidity but this port is dreadfull.

    I typically will try to be fair to a game who tried something
    I don't knwo whether its lazyness or stupidity but this port is dreadfull.

    I typically will try to be fair to a game who tried something new but failed, I tend to be harsh on a game that tries nothing to improve, and I am definitely merciless on games that do nothing new and do nothing but mess up the old.
    The steam version of Chrono Trigger is a hot mess of problems all over the place. From graphical glitches to soft locks and sound errors, you get to sample the full buffet here. Its honestly hard to believe this went through several fix patches and if it did, good god what was the release version like?


    I was met with graphical glitches that I had to install a snes restoration mod to get rid of quite often, and even then got to meet some graphical problems I could not remove and honestly dunno how this passed QA. You actually get to see the wizard behind the curtain in several maps, the debug panels (commonly tiles that simulate movement on maps by quickly swapping one set of sprites in this panel for another) are in full view on many maps. The first time I ran into this was the trial and escaping from prison where I could see the debug panel that spoofed the gates moving.

    Now I let this one go since I had to hug the wall to see it and if it had been a one off like this I'd have let it go, but it happened in several maps till crescendoing at the Ocean Palance during a major storyline cutscene. I also noted during the final boss couple this with alot of sounds not being correct or sounds/music stopping in places it didn't originally and its just a mess that makes me wonder how it got messed up this badly. All they had to do was port the DS game, you'd not think this would be hard.

    DS Content

    Speaking of the ds game and its exclusive content, its all here with the exception of the arena of time which you're not missing much if anything at all there. I've said this before about the DS content but I may as well get it out here as well. You can fully feel it was written in a whole different era cause of how it has many modern trappings to game content. Both the Lost Sanctum and Dimensional Vortexes feel the need to waste your time as much as possible.

    Let me break it down to what I mean. The vanilla games' content tried to tell a story with some fun gameplay, you can go through most of the game taking battles simply as they come and even by the end sneaking around some of them and skipping them and you'll be totally fine level wise, "grinding" is not really a thing in Chrono Trigger unless you want it to be. Lost Sanctum with as few spoilers as I can do breaks down to jumping between the same location in two time periods constantly to solve a problem between them.

    Every step of the questline has a problem in Time Period A that the solution most assuredly is in Time Period B, on the way through this constant running back in forth they have unavoidable encounters, at least one per map screen often more, that you are forced into. These encounters don't even have some of the clever bits the main game had, for example one encounter has a rat running laps around a bush, if this was the main game you could have snuck around the rat when he has his back to you, avoiding the encounter. Not here, you get with in the approx distance you're forced into a fight.

    This really felt like a way to drag the content out which just ends up bringing it down. Because honestly, the story to Lost Sanctum is cute and fun and I think it would have been a nice addition to the game had it not been for these modern influences. Dimensional Vortex suffers more or less the same issues, but more in the forced fighting of pretty much everything in the static parts of the level, it doesn't do alot of back and forth.

    Why Does this exist?

    Honestly with the DS version having this content and being worlds less buggy, I cannot justify the existance of the Steam version. Really what bugs me the most is how lazy this is. I know people like to rag on the Secret of Mana Remake and how it **** things up and is buggy as well. However at least it attempted to remake the game and give us something new. This is essentually a buggy port of a snes rom of a nearly 25 year old game. They want $15 for something that should have been an extra inside a proper remake of the game. If this was not gifted to me I can safely say I'd never have bought it/refunded quite quickly.
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  2. Sep 1, 2018
    Another bad port. Texture smearing, bad filtering. A very ugly thing to look at. You can play with the mods, especially reshade CRT. The restAnother bad port. Texture smearing, bad filtering. A very ugly thing to look at. You can play with the mods, especially reshade CRT. The rest seems to respect the original game. Controls are not perfect but the sounds is very good. The truth is that it still plays better on an emulator. I give it a 4, because it's playable but you will get bored very fast just looking at it. Full Review »