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  • Summary: Explore the cursed depths of a nightmare while finding powerful weapons and improving your abilities in this retro first person shooter that breaches the wall between the classics and modern sensibilities.
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  1. Apr 11, 2022
    In the end, Nightmare Reaper is one of those indie games that should be classed as a gem. This is a wonderful labour of love with a lot of character, an addictive title that is happy for players to rip and tear through its nightmare dream to a banging soundtrack and rapturous combat. This is a bloodstained fountain of gratification that only the best daydreams offer.
  2. Apr 6, 2022
    With a rocking soundtrack, addicting gameplay loop, and creative progression system, Nightmare Reaper delivers a bloody and bountiful harvest. If you’re a fan of old-school shooters, there’s no reason to miss out on this one.
  3. Jul 19, 2019
    While its procedurally-generated nature produces some annoying issues, Nightmare Reaper has a creative story, punchy edge-of-your-seat action and a deep, entertaining arsenal. This is one bad dream you won’t regret ripping and tearing your way through.
  4. Mar 28, 2022
    If you have any interest in the old days of FPS gameplay when you were expected to wade in, unleash firepower at top speed, and leave a mess in the process, you will want to play this game. And if you’ve tried to play those games but can’t get over the gap in technology, this is going to be a darn fun experience for you as well. Give this one a shot; it deserves everything it’s asking and then some.
  5. Apr 8, 2022
    Nightmare Reaper is a good retro FPS experience that will be incredibly satisfying to all gamers who liked the genre since Wolfenstein and have kept up with its recent evolution. Shooting enemies, juggling weapons, and looking for secrets, all these ideas work well. There’s enough difficulty to make progress a challenge without too much frustration and death is never the end. The biggest obstacle to a bigger audience will be the graphics. I understand why developers choose this pixelated, low-fidelity approach and I like it in small doses. But it might drive some players who are used to more modern graphics away. Nightmare Reaper might not be for everyone but fans can look forward to tens of hours of enjoyable FPS action.
  6. Mar 31, 2022
    While I have issues with a few parts of the game, mainly the lower-quality skill tree stuff and gripes related to rogue-lites and old shooters in general, the total package on offer is really strong. At the time of release, the game is only available for PC, which I think could be the biggest negative here. It’s clearly capable of running on less-capable hardware, but I worry that it may go unnoticed unless the team at Blazing Bit Games can find a way to make console ports work financially. If you are already smitten with boomer shooters or rogue-lites, this one is an easy recommendation. I suspect many others will find fun in the myriad easter eggs and tributes to other games (the main menu UI is a Game Boy Advance SP) quite delightful if they aren’t too scared to keep sleeping.
  7. Apr 11, 2022
    If you are a fan of retro FPS, you will definitely like this nightmare with with lots of levels, pixels and checkered monsters.

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  1. Jun 9, 2022
    Just awesome. One of my favorite shooters of the past decade. Very old school as for it's core shooter mechanics with of twist of RNGJust awesome. One of my favorite shooters of the past decade. Very old school as for it's core shooter mechanics with of twist of RNG diablo-esque looting. The leveling tree is also very unique, requiring various mini-game campaigns mirroring actual games. Such as Mario, Galaga, and even Pokemon! With as long as this game is, I cannot recommend it enough. If you are a fan of old school shooters with a twist, this is definitely for you. 10/10 would play over and over again. Expand