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Summary: Enter the world of Journey, the third game from indie developers thatgamecompany (creators of "flOw" and "Flower"). Journey is an interactive parable, an anonymous online adventure to experience a person’s life passage and their intersections with other’s. You wake alone and surrounded by miles of burning, sprawling desert, and soon discover the looming mountaintop which is your goal. Faced with rolling sand dunes, age-old ruins, caves and howling winds, your passage will not be an easy one. The goal is to get to the mountaintop, but the experience is discovering who you are, what this place is, and what is your purpose. Travel and explore this ancient, mysterious world alone, or with a stranger you meet along the way. Soar above ruins and glide across sands as you discover the secrets of a forgotten civilization. [thatgamecompany]
Rating: E
Developer: ThatGameCompany
Genre(s): Action, Adventure, General, Platformer, Platformer, 3D, 3D
ESRB Descriptors:Mild Fantasy Violence
Number of Online Players:2 Players No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Carlo Vogelsang Audio Tools And Technology
Max Elliott Game Tech
Chuck Doud Director Of Music
Laurent Betbeder Audio Tools And Technology
Seiji Tanaka Additional Developer
Tim Moss Directors Of Technology [SCEA Santa Monica]
Tim Moss Directors Of Technology: SCEA Santa Monica
Christer ericson Directors Of Technology [SCEA Santa Monica]
Christer ericson Directors Of Technology: SCEA Santa Monica
Patrick O'Brien Advance Technology
Glenn Fiedler Additional Network Engineering
Rob Povey Game Tech
David Murrant Director Of Service Groups
Joshua Breindel Audio Tools And Technology
Jenova Chen Developer
Monty Mudd Music Supervisor
Monty Mudd Score Producer
Steve Johnson Lead Sound Designer
Eric Koch Senior Producer [SCEA Santa Monica]
Eric Koch Senior Producer: SCEA Santa Monica
John Thompson Platform Architecture
Tobias Berghoff Advance Technology
Nathan Gary Design Director [SCEA Santa Monica]
Nathan Gary Design Director: SCEA Santa Monica
Vince Harron DTE Team
Chris Bell Developer
Marc Senasac Music Mixer
Joel Yarger Music Mixer
Dallas Robinson Additional Developer
Rick Nelson Additional Developer
Anthony Caruso Music Mixer
Kellee Santiago Developer
Scott Shoemaker Music Editor
Nicholas Clark Developer
Austin Wintory Music Composer
Austin Wintory Score Producer
Austin Wintory Score Producer
Ron Little Game Tech
Bryan Singh Developer
Vanessa Zamora Music Department Coordinator
Angelica Garde Music Department Assistant
Ted Kocher Music Editor
Nicolas Serres Advance Technology
Keith Charley Audio Tools And Technology
Drew Thaler Platform Architecture
Garin Hiebert Audio Tools And Technology
Nicky Hind Audio Tools And Technology
Alex Rosenberg Platform Architecture
Michael Spencer Platform Architecture
Patrick Mansfield Platform Architecture
Jianhua Shen Game Tech
Patrick O'Leary Game Tech
Jacob Langford Game Tech
Satoshi Komuro Director (Traditional Chinese)
Satoshi Komuro Director: Traditional Chinese
Yuen-Yuen CHen Producer (Traditional Chinese)
Yuen-Yuen CHen Producer: Traditional Chinese
Naoki Hara Producer (Korean)
Naoki Hara Producer: Korean
Edmund Zoo Assistant Producer (Korean)
Edmund Zoo Assistant Producer: Korean
Jae-Wook Ha Localisation Coordinator (Korean)
Jae-Wook Ha Localisation Coordinator: Korean
John Meissen Platform Architecture
Alan Beckus Game Tech
Tina Guo Music: Cello
Dan Volpe DTE Team
John Edwards Developer
Michael Peddicord Additional Developer
Aaron Grommesh Additional Developer
Jacky Ke Additional Developer
Randall Lowe Producer [SCEA Santa Monica]
Randall Lowe Producer: SCEA Santa Monica
William Parks Additional Network Engineering [SCEA Santa Monica]
William Parks Additional Network Engineering: SCEA Santa Monica
Tina Kowalewski Director Of Product Development
Keith Leary Score Producer
Lisbeth Scott Music: I Was Born For This Performer
Lisbeth Scott Music: Vocal / I Was Born For This Performer
Lisbeth Scott Music: Vocal / I Was Born For This Performer
Amy Tatum Music: Flute/Bass Flute
Charissa Barger Music: Harp
Rodney Wirtz Music: Viola
Noah Gladstone Music: Serpent/Ancient Brass
Oleg Kontradenko Music: Orchestra Conductor
Giorgi Hristovski Music: Sound Engineer
Boban Apostolov Music: Pro Tools Engineer
Laurent Koppitz Music: Orchestral Contractor
Steve Juliani Music Copyist
Susie Benchasil Seiter Music: Additional Orchestration
Jeremy Howard Beck Music: Libretto Compiler
Matt Eskew Sound Technical Artist
Edward Lerner Tools And Technology Group Director
Chris Carty Advance Technology
Matteo Scapuzzi Advance Technology
Him Sproul Audio Tools And Technology
Andrea Biaggi DTE Team
Jullian Moore DTE Team
Nathan Slingerland Platform Architecture
Sanjay Patel Platform Architecture
Charles Nicholson Game Tech
Ricky Uy Game Tech
Paul Shibitzke Game Tech
Christopher Martin Localisation Coordinator (Traditional Chinese)
Christopher Martin Localisation Coordinator: Traditional Chinese
Shao-Chu Chou Localisation Coordinator (Traditional Chinese)
Shao-Chu Chou Localisation Coordinator: Traditional Chinese
Ming-Lung Song Localisation Coordinator (Traditional Chinese)
Ming-Lung Song Localisation Coordinator: Traditional Chinese
Bunji Sai Localisation Coordinator (Traditional Chinese)
Bunji Sai Localisation Coordinator: Traditional Chinese
Robin Hunicke Developer
Aaron Jessie Developer
Martin Middleton Developer
Matt Nava Developer
John Nesky Developer
John Edwards Developer
Anthony Caruso Music Mixer
Rick Nelson Additional Developer
Michael Peddicord Additional Developer
Scott Shoemaker Music Editor
Dan Volpe DTE Team
Nicholas Clark Developer
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