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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 9 out of 12
  2. Negative: 0 out of 12
  1. 85
    It will take quick decision making, precision platforming, and skill to beat Ghostrunner. Whilst many of its environments are dull in imagery, they are an important component as to why it plays so well. Its lacklustre story does not take away from the addictive, thrilling gameplay that will keep you coming back. Ghostrunner is an exhilarating, challenging, adrenaline pumping platformer that succeeds in making you feel like a cyborg ninja.
  2. Oct 26, 2020
    Ghostrunner brilliantly succeeds in combining supercharged and demanding action with equally demanding platforming phases.
  3. Oct 30, 2020
    Ghostrunner is a fresh and frantic action game set in a striking cyberpunk universe. A videogame that offers a demanding gameplay experience that will force us to master each of the cyborg's abilities to advance in a somewhat generic script.
  4. Oct 26, 2020
    Fluide, responsive and full of adrenaline, Ghostrunner will put every player to the test pushing them over their limits. Despite some flaws, it's a very well crafted game.
  5. Playstation Official Magazine UK
    Dec 14, 2020
    Ghostrunner frustrates and thrills in equal measure. There is too much trial and error at times, but persevere through clenched teeth and you’ll be rewarded. [Issue#183, p.95]
  6. 80
    As I came away from Ghostrunner and started writing about it, I realized that I genuinely wished there was more game to play. That’s not a comment on the game’s length, which is very well paced, filled with bonus collectibles and perfect for speedrunners, but more a comment on how much potential there is here. Give me more levels, more platforming gauntlets, more cybernetic abilities to use, just give me more Ghostrunner.
  7. Nov 3, 2020
    Ghostrunner is an all-around great action game. The first-person parkour mechanics will make you feel like a badass, as will chopping up bad guys. The game doesn’t always control perfectly, but everything still comes together to create an awesome, action-packed cyberpunk experience.
  8. Oct 29, 2020
    It owes an obvious debt to Mirror’s Edge but this impressive new cyberpunk game surpasses its inspiration in terms of both combat and first person parkour.
  9. Oct 26, 2020
    With its breakneck pace and skill-heavy gameplay, Ghostrunner is a speedrunner’s dream. But even beyond that demographic, this is a great first person action game that feels punishing but fair. You may die hundreds of times, but instantaneous respawns and generous checkpointing ensure that Ghostrunner’s challenging combat and platforming never become a chore. More than all of that though, Ghostrunner is jam packed with a great variety of enemies, mechanics, and special powers that constantly changed up how I approached its many unique encounters. That meant it always felt fresh, and by the end of its six to eight hour campaign, I was all too eager to jump back in for seconds.
  10. Oct 26, 2020
    When Ghostrunner rips, it really rips. Wall-running, jumping, sliding, and cutting through enemies as you go is empowering and impressive. For a good portion of the game, you'll only experience how impressive it feels to dart around a room in short bursts, but even that's enough motivation to keep you pushing forward to master the art of robot ninja parkour. There's bound to be a lot of frustration along the way, so it isn't all smiles, exactly, but the rush you feel in the moment as you perfectly run a room is worth the grit.
  11. Nov 2, 2020
    Not since Mirror’s Edge has first-person movement felt this good.
  12. Dec 9, 2020
    Ghostrunner is a game of exciting highs and extremely low lows. When its controls click, it offers a thrilling parkour platforming experience. But these moments aren’t worth contending with its frustrating combat and aggravating bugs. If you’re an enthusiast for first-person platformers and can overlook a glaring lack of polish, Ghostrunner may have some limited value. For all else, there are other genre titles more deserving of your time.
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  2. Negative: 20 out of 106
  1. Oct 28, 2020
    Amazing cyberpunk vibe and climate. I';ve never encounter machanics that are bread and butter in this game. Music is one of the best and it'sAmazing cyberpunk vibe and climate. I';ve never encounter machanics that are bread and butter in this game. Music is one of the best and it's perfect match for this game. Full Review »
  2. Oct 30, 2020
    Two reviews who give i 0 and 1 cause its difficult and one hit kill. Which is clearly stated in the description of the game on PlaystationTwo reviews who give i 0 and 1 cause its difficult and one hit kill. Which is clearly stated in the description of the game on Playstation Store. **** retards. Im giving it 10 just to even things out. Metacritic is a joke. Full Review »
  3. Oct 28, 2020
    Wobbly, one shot and you’re dead, belongs in an arcade not on a console.....HATED it