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Summary: Five years after their dangerous journey across the post-pandemic United States, Ellie and Joel have settled down in Jackson, Wyoming. Living amongst a thriving community of survivors has allowed them peace and stability, despite the constant threat of the infected and other, more desperate survivors. When a violent event disrupts that peace, Ellie embarks on a relentless journey to carry out justice and find closure. As she hunts those responsible one by one, she is confronted with the devastating physical and emotional repercussions of her actions.
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Rating: M
Developer: Naughty Dog
Genre(s): General, Action Adventure, Survival
Number of Online Players: No Online Multiplayer
Cast Credit
Robert Clotworthy Voice: Seth
Robert Clotworthy Voice: Seth
Marshall Robin Programmer
Jane Mullaney Technical Artist
Khanh Nguyen Environment Artist
Jonathan Lanier Programmer
Sandeep Shekar Lead Programmer
Michal Mach Head Of Technical / NPC Animation
Chuck Doud Senior Director Of Music
Josh Scherr Additional Writing
Josh Scherr Narrative Designer / Additional Writing
Josh Scherr Narrative Designer / Additional Writing
Reuben Shah Environment Artist
Jonathan Cooper Additional Animation
Junpei Morita Voice Actor: Jerry (Japanese)
Junpei Morita Voice: Jerry (Japanese)
Eben Cook Lead Visual Effects Artist
Jerome Durand Programmer
Leilani Ramirez Dialog Manager
Jason Gregory Lead Programmer
Merle Dandridge Voice Actor: Marlene
Merle Dandridge Voice: Marlene
Derek Chatwood Game Designer
Tsuguo Mogami Voice Actor: Mike (Japanese)
Tsuguo Mogami Voice: Mike (Japanese)
Lee Davis Head Of Melee Animation
Max Dyckhoff Programmer
Henry Cheng Environment Artist
Daniel Garcia Character Artist
Almudena Soria Sancho Lead Animator
Travis McIntosh Programming Director
Andrew Wilson Additional Animation
Shannon Potter Supervising Sound Designer
Jeremy Huxley Environment Artist
Peter Ellis Game Designer
Aaron Limonick Environment Concept Artist
Koichi Yamadera Voice Actor: Joel (Japanese)
Koichi Yamadera Voice: Joel (Japanese)
Chad Bedell Cinematic Mixer
Erick Pangilinan Art Director
Jeremy Lai-Yates Lead Animator
Christian Gyrling Programming Director
Eric Baldwin Lead Cinematic Animator
Troy Slough Head Of Player Animation
Santiago Gutierrez Environment Artist
Christophe Desse Lead Technical Artist
Neil Druckmann Director
Neil Druckmann Writer
Neil Druckmann Writer
Inkyo Lee Technical Artist
Christian Nakata Lead Artist
Michael Fadollone Technical Artist
Marianne Hayden Story Animator
Stephen Chang Voice Actor: Jesse
Stephen Chang Voice: Jesse
Phillip Kovats Director Of Sound
Adrian Castro Environment Artist
John Bellomy Programmer
Vincent Marxen Lead Programmer
Kion Phillips Story Animator
Malcolm Hee Environment Artist
Brian Beppu Environment Artist
Jamie Bafus Casting And Talent Manager
Todd Foster Environment Artist
Tom Nemeth Environment Artist
Tiffany Chu Environment Artist
Morgan Earl NPC Animator
John Sweeney Art Director
Romi Park Voice: Marlene (Japanese)
Romi Park Voice: Marlene (Japanese)
Charleen Au Environment Artist
Sam Johnston Programmer
Kurt Margenau Game Director
Anthony Newman Game Director
Michel Hatfield Lead Technical Artist
Alexandria Neonakis Character Concept Artist
Ke Xu Programmer
Kan Xu Programmer
Jaroslav Sinecky Programmer
Ryan Broner Programmer
Richard Cambier Lead Game Designer
Matthew Gallant Lead Systems Designer
Keith Paciello Emotional Systemic Facial Animator
Bryant Wilson Story Animator
Jonny Chen Environment Artist
Zachary Oliver Environment Artist
Jose Vega Environment Artist
Anthony Vaccaro Environment Artist
Neilan Naicker Technical Artist
Chad Russ Environment Artist
Jonathan Schmidt Environment Artist
Scott Greenway Level Lighting Artist
Hyoung Taek Nam Character Concept Artist
Eytan Zana Environment Concept Artist
Neil Uchitel Sound Designer
Michael Hourihan Supervising Dialogue Designer
Mark Burroughs Game Designer
Karl Morley Game Designer
Andrew Frost Game Designer
Phillip Kourie Interactive Cinematic Animator
Maggie MacDonald Voice Actor: Portable Gamer Girl
Maggie MacDonald Voice: Portable Gamer Girl
Joseph K. Garrahan Melee Animator
Hiroki Goto Voice Actor: Manny (Japanese)
Hiroki Goto Voice: Manny (Japanese)
Shuhei Sakaguchi Voice Actor: Owen (Japanese)
Shuhei Sakaguchi Voice: Owen (Japanese)
Joseph Pettinati Lead Editor
Keith Leary Director Of Music
Troy Baker Voice Actor: Joel
Troy Baker Voice: Joel
Hiroki Takahashi Voice: Tommy (Japanese)
Hiroki Takahashi Voice: Tommy (Japanese)
Laura Bailey Voice: Abby
Laura Bailey Voice: Abby
Tomokazu Sugita Voice: Jesse (Japanese)
Tomokazu Sugita Voice: Jesse (Japanese)
Kazuyuki Okitsu Voice: Jordan (Japanese)
Kazuyuki Okitsu Voice: Jordan (Japanese)
Reuben Langdon Voice Actor: Mike
Reuben Langdon Voice: Mike
Akeno Watanabe Voice: Nora (Japanese)
Akeno Watanabe Voice: Nora (Japanese)
Hiroshi Iwasaki Voice Actor: Isaac (Japanese)
Hiroshi Iwasaki Voice: Isaac (Japanese)
Michael Gambino Cinematic Camera Animator
Maksim Zhuravlev Player Animator
Ryan James Additional Writing
Ryan James Lead Gameplay Voice Direction / Additional Writing
Ryan James Lead Gameplay Voice Direction / Additional Writing
Natsuki Mori Voice Actor: Emily (Japanese)
Natsuki Mori Voice: Emily (Japanese)
Gustavo Santaolalla Music
Nathan Brown Story Animator
Charlotte Francis Technical Artist
Ashley Johnson Voice Actor: Ellie
Ashley Johnson Voice: Ellie
Jeffrey Pierce Voice Actor: Tommy
Jeffrey Pierce Voice: Tommy
Ashley Scott Voice Actor: Maria
Ashley Scott Voice: Maria
Masumi Asano Voice Actor: Maria (Japanese)
Masumi Asano Voice: Maria (Japanese)
Robert Johnson Environment Concept Artist
David Lamb Additional Animation
Kouji Ochiai Voice Actor: Mr. Alvarez (Japanese)
Kouji Ochiai Voice: Mr. Alvarez (Japanese)
Megumi Han Voice Actor: Ellie (Japanese)
Megumi Han Voice: Ellie (Japanese)
Aaron Juntunen Story Animator
Emilia Schatz Lead Game Designer
Derek Phillips Voice: Jerry
Derek Phillips Voice: Jerry
Kosuke Goto Voice Actor: Seth (Japanese)
Kosuke Goto Voice: Seth (Japanese)
Yu Shimamura Voice: Dina (Japanese)
Yu Shimamura Voice: Dina (Japanese)
Morgan Wilson Game Designer
Chelsea Tavares Voice: Nora
Chelsea Tavares Voice: Nora
Nanako Mori Voice Actor: Abby (Japanese)
Nanako Mori Voice: Abby (Japanese)
Shannon Woodward Voice Actor: Dina
Shannon Woodward Voice: Dina
Patrick Fugit Voice Actor: Owen
Patrick Fugit Voice: Owen
Alejandro Edda Voice Actor: Manny
Alejandro Edda Voice: Manny
Ashley Burch Voice Actor: Mel
Ashley Burch Voice: Mel
Chase Austin Voice Actor: Jordan
Chase Austin Voice: Jordan
Emily Swallow Voice Actor: Emily
Emily Swallow Voice: Emily
Victoria Grace Voice Actor: Yara
Victoria Grace Voice: Yara
Ian Alexander Voice Actor: Lev
Ian Alexander Voice: Lev
Jeffrey Wright Game Designer
Jeffrey Wright Voice: Isaac
Jeffrey Wright Voice: Isaac
Ori Gellman Interactive Cinematic Animator
Elaine Kubik Visual Effects Artist
Stefan Iverson Interactive Cinematic Animator
Reika Uyama Voice Actor: Yara (Japanese)
Reika Uyama Voice: Yara (Japanese)
Misuzu Togashi Voice Actor: Lev (Japanese)
Misuzu Togashi Voice: Lev (Japanese)
Haruka Shibuya Voice Actor: Mel (Japanese)
Haruka Shibuya Voice: Mel (Japanese)
Andres Rodriguez Avila Lead Environment Artist
Frank Tzeng Lead Character Artist
Soa Lee Lead Character Artist
Ashley Swidowski Lead Character Concept Artist
Mark Shoaf Lead Lighting Artist
Mari Alice Wang Lead Cinematic Artist
Robert Krekel Lead Audio
Wasim Khan Lead Technical Director
Maria Capel Lead UI / UX Designer
Halley Gross Writer
Beau Jimenez Sound Designer
Justin Mullens Sound Designer
Jesse Garcia Sound Designer
Bryan Collinsworth Game Designer
Jonathan Gregoire Game Designer
Connor Brown Game Designer
Michael Barclay Game Designer
Banun Idris Game Designer
Felix Park Game Designer
Asher Einhorn Game Designer
Christian Wohlwend Game Designer
Derek Mattson Game Designer
Evan Hill Game Designer
Joseph Goldman Game Designer
Alexander Stewart Game Designer
Jack Reynolds Game Designer
Tomer Braff Game Designer
Vinit Agarwal Game Designer
Douglas Schieber Technical Artist
Kyle Owens Technical Artist
Michael Livernash Technical Artist
Alexander Rivera Technical Artist
Sebastian Gromann Environment Concept Artist
Steven Cummings Level Lighting Artist
Boon Cotter Level Lighting Artist
Bethany Lo Level Lighting Artist
Antoine Deschamps Level Lighting Artist
Valentin Sinlao Level Lighting Artist
Joseph Lenz Level Lighting Artist
Quentin Frost Cinematic Lighting Artist
Wendy Pham Cinematic Lighting Artist
Dong Joun Kim Cinematic Lighting Artist
Benjamin Lishka Cinematic Lighting Artist
Huan Tran Cinematic Lighting Artist
Haley Jones Cinematic Lighting Artist
James Guard Cinematic Lighting Artist
Jae Hoon Kim Character Artist
Yingkang Luo Character Artist
Nancy Cantu Character Artist
Colin Thomas Character Artist
Danilo Silva Character Artist
Byung Hwa Jung Character Artist
Richard Lyons Character Concept Artist
Connie Huang Associate Character Artist
Priya Johal Associate Character Artist
Anar Ismayilov Character Art Assistant
Lauren Garcia Character Technical Artist
Kirsten England Visual Effects Artist
Miles Maxwell Visual Effects Artist
Raymond Popka Visual Effects Artist
Quinn Kazamaki Visual Effects Artist
Mary Jane Whiting Visual Effects Artist
Kristal Nembhard Visual Effects Artist
Taylor Duval Visual Effects Artist
Wataru Ikeda Visual Effects Artist
Daniel P. Naulin Visual Effects Artist
Natalie Lucht Associate Visual Effects Artist
Ethan Tal UI Scripter
Michael D. Faust UI Scripter
Christopher Walasek Sound Implementer
Jordan Denton Associate Sound Designer
Derek Brown Associate Sound Designer
Maged Khalil Ragab Dialogue Supervisor
Grayson Stone Dialogue Coordinator
Thomas Barrett Dialogue Coordinator
Julius Kukla Dialogue Coordinator
Jaime Marcelo Dialogue Coordinator
Erik Schmall Dialogue Coordinator
Emily Scrivner-Taylor Dialogue Coordinator
Sean Lavalle Dialogue Designer
Kurt Mendoza Localization Manager
Florent Devillechabrol Programmer
Jiayin Cao Programmer
Artjoms Kovalovs Programmer
Francisco Aisa Garcia Programmer
Daniel Miede Programmer
Kareem Omar Programmer
Ming-Lun Chou Programmer
Joseph Forte Programmer
Elijah Omernik Programmer
Hongwu Huai Programmer
Parikshit Saraswat Programmer
Nathan Park Programmer
Hawar Doghramachi Programmer
Harold Townsend Programmer
Stephen Merendino Programmer
Abhishek Arora Programmer
Edgar Martinez Environment Artist
Nestor Carpintero Environment Artist
Jonathon Ruland Environment Artist
David Budlong Environment Artist
Elizabeth Reddington Environment Artist
Sharon Bednarek Environment Artist
Adam Littledale Environment Artist
Katelyn Johnson Environment Artist
Benjamin Springer Environment Artist
Philip Weisfeld Environment Artist
Young Jin Jo Environment Artist
Michael Yadao Environment Artist
Sarah Swenson Environment Artist
Christopher Sassman Environment Artist
Tiffany Nguyen Environment Artist
Alex Harrington Environment Artist
Willow Paquette Environment Artist
Julian Elwood Environment Artist
Sean Vangorder Environment Artist
Christopher Hodgson Environment Artist
Max Golosiy Environment Artist
Jared Sobotta Environment Artist
Peyton Varney Environment Artist
Hailey Delrio Graphic Designer
Dongsub Woo Environment Technical Artist
Kaleb Goulding Environment Technical Artist
Steven Qingzhou Tang Environment Technical Artist
Michael Ha Player Animator
Ari Flesch Player Animator
Jesse J. Oliger Melee Animator
Hoang Duong Melee Animator
Jonathan Gomez Melee Animator
Laura Swartz NPC Animator
Michelle Huynh NPC Animator
Matthew Neapolitan Head Of Cinematography
Ryan D. Chan Cinematic Camera Animator
Sabrina Phillips Cinematic Animator
Taylor Cook Story Animator
Elliot Stiles Animation Assistant
Charlie Victoria Animation Assistant
Karina Villanueva Animation Assistant
Lucas Ridley Additional Animation
Darren Sumich Additional Animation
Ivy Lillrank Interactive Cinematic Animator
Anjelina Quijano Interactive Cinematic Animator
Floyd Raymer Interactive Cinematic Animator
Sylvia Chambers Interactive Cinematic Animator
Vasil Stojanov Interactive Cinematic Animator
Aaron Schultz Interactive Cinematic Animator
Maximiliano Keller Interactive Cinematic Animator
Lydia Hall Interactive Cinematic Animator
Andrew Butterfield Interactive Cinematic Animator
Rebecca Dodd Casting And Talent Coordinator
Natalie Hall Tattoo Artist
Paul Reinwand Illustrator
Mingjue Helen Chen Illustrator
Winona Nelson Additional Concept Art
Saskia Gutekunst Additional Concept Art
Mac Quayle Additional Music
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