Description: Switch between two playable characters at will. A unique pairing of characters: play as the modern-day heroine Jen as she acquires powerful demon form and abilities, or the watchful gargoyle Scree, who can possess statues and cling to walls. Work individually or as a team, applying each character's unique abilities to solve puzzles or overcome obstacles. Experienice worlds of exceptional size, beauty, and detail... with no load times thanks to fully dynamic streaming technology. [Sony]


  • PlayStation 2
  • PlayStation 4
Initial Release Date: Mar 25, 2003
  • SCE Studio Cambridge
Publisher: SCEA


Hudson Leick
Cast: Jennifer 'Jen' Tate
Andreas Katsulas
Cast: Scree,Abdizur
Sean Pertwee
Cast: Prince Jared
Paul Darrow
Cast: Ferai Shaman,The Watcher
Colin McFarlane
Cast: Abaddon,King Iblis
Stephane Cornicard
Cast: Count Raum
Eric Loren
Cast: Lewis
Rob Brown
Cast: King Herne
Niki Felstead
Cast: Arella,Princess Elizabeth
Nicola Goodchild
Cast: Queen Aino,Countess Empusa
Melissa Lloyd
Cast: Malikel
Ève Karpf
Cast: Queen Devena,Captain Valeera
Tony Morley
Cast: Ferai Huntsman
James Busby
Cast: Wraith Ally
Andy Tudor
Cast: Ferai Guard,Ferai Hunter
Jean-Baptiste Bolcato
Cast: Extra Voices
Jean-Baptiste Bolcato
Produced By: producer
Mark Green
Produced By: producer
Lee Banyard
Sound: sound designer
Nicholas Kidd
Sound: sound designer
Dawn Hershey
Casting Director
Ashley Beck
Visual Effects: motion capture artist
Remi Brun
Visual Effects: motion capture supervisor: Attitude Studio
Thomas Champon
Visual Effects: motion editor
Andy Tudor
Visual Effects: motion capture technical director
Jesús Cobo
Animation: animator
Matthew Consoli
quality assurance tester
Neil Moran
quality assurance tester
City of Prague Philharmonic Chorus
Music Department: choir
The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra
Music Department: music performed by
James Fitzpatrick
Music Department: music contractor
Jan Holzner
Music Department: orchestra recording engineer
Nic Raine
Music Department: conductor,orchestrator