Description: [Playstation Network] Blood-splattered episodes of this Japanese Survival Horror are available as downloads, keeping you on the edge of your seat until the next episode arrives. The story follows a TV crew from America, who has journeyed to research and film an exposé on the urban myth of Hanuda, the Vanished Village. Frozen in the 1970s and surrounded by a red sea, it is said that an ancient curse has been set upon this town. The introduction of western characters to Siren Blood Curse brings a new dimension to the series and, in order to survive, they must defend themselves from the vicious Shibito, the living dead, and other terrifying monsters. Throughout the game you play each of the visitors to the village, while the game's unique Sight-Jack System enables you to switch seamlessly between the visions of the hunted and the hunters. As the plot thickens you discover you are stuck in a time loop in which events eternally repeat and change. [Sony]


  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Jul 24, 2008
  • SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: SCEA


Keiichiro Toyama
Directed By
Naoki Kondo
Directed By: movie director
Naoko Sato
Written By: writer
Stephen Fisher
Cast: Howard Wright
Natsuki Okamoto
Cast: Miyako
Jonathan Legg
Cast: Sam Monroe
Emma Howard
Cast: Melissa Gale
Hattori Seiji
Cast: Seigo Saiga
Cast: Amana
Ryana Crocker
Cast: Bella Monroe
Kenny Scott
Cast: Sol Jackson
Tadashi Shiraishi
Cast: Shuji Shimada
Chiang Li-mei
Cast: Yukie Kobe
Takao Oyama
Cast: Shuji Shimada
Ryoko Sugizaki
Cast: Yukie Kobe
Yuri Lowenthal
Cast: Howard Wright
Rindo Adachi
Produced By: assistant producer
Takafumi Fujisawa
Produced By: producer
Kenji Kobayashi
Produced By: producer
Yuya Kumekawa
Produced By: producer
Isao Takahashi
Art Direction
Emiko Mibu
Shunichi Kawada
Makeup: makeup artist
Satoshi Miura
Makeup: makeup artist
Daisuke Kamisaku
Visual Effects: compositor
Noriaki Kato
Visual Effects: visual effects supervisor
Shigeomi Kitagawa
Visual Effects: visual effects designer
Isao Takahashi
Art Department: artist
Bernard Edlington
Animation: animator: Toneplus Animation Studios
Stephen Fisher
Animation: character model: Howard Wright
Jonathan Legg
Animation: character model: Sam Monroe
Kenta Miyairi
Animation: animator
Gavin Moore
Animation: animation director
Yoshinori Morita
Animation: key animator
Shinya Narita
Animation: animator
Shogo Okamoto
Animation: animator
Yuka Shimomaki
Animation: animator
Soichi Tazawa
Animation: key animator
Miwa Hashiguchi
motion capture
Mirai Ishida
motion capture
Yuko Kobayashi
motion capture
Yoshio Sato
motion capture
Hideki Sugiguchi
motion capture
Ikko Tamura
motion capture