Description: Solar Ash is the second game from Heart Machine, the creators of the award winning 2016 game Hyper Light Drifter. Journey through a surreal, vivid and highly stylized world filled with mystery, wild high-speed traversal, endearing characters, and massive enemy encounters.


  • PC
  • PlayStation 5
  • PlayStation 4
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox Series X
  • Xbox One
Initial Release Date: Dec 2, 2021
  • Heart Machine
Publisher: Annapurna Interactive


Chelsea Hash
Directed By: game director
Ashley Lambert
Directed By: voice director
Alx Preston
Directed By: creative director
Evan Hembacher
Written By: written by
Tyler J. Hutchison
Written By: written by
Alx Preston
Written By: story by
Zoë Quinn
Written By: story by,written by
Fryda Wolff
Cast: Rei,Echo
Pilar Uribe
Cast: Cyd,Lyris,The Atecedent,Cymothoa Squad Leader
Zeno Robinson
Cast: Ahrric,Verse,Tarragon Danderpaws,Gnathia Squad Leader
Todd Haberkorn
Cast: Ames,Ghozam,Pyat,The Collector of the Missing,Morys
Troupe Gammage
Cast: Erving,The Tender of the Garden,The Keeper of the Rites,Lernaea Squad Leader
Janellen Steininger
Cast: Tufte,Argulus Squad Leader,The Speaker for the Silent
Cast: Darb
Azuria Sky
Cast: Additional Voice Work
Evan Hembacher
Produced By: producer
Sound: audio systems
Alexander Leeman Johnson
Sound: senior audio designer
Jack Covell
Visual Effects: digital artist: 3d character art
Jordan Fanaris
Visual Effects: design
Evan Hill
Visual Effects: additional design
Roi Prada
Visual Effects: ui/ux design
Michael Purvis
Visual Effects: engineering
Noah Scholl
Visual Effects: engineering
Jack Seibert
Visual Effects: engineer
Jesse Tucker
Visual Effects: additional design
Len White
Visual Effects: lead technical artist
John DeRiggi
Art Department: additional art
Cosimo Galluzzi
Art Department: lead artist
Luke Patterson
Art Department: design
Wolfgang Traenkle
Art Department: environment art
Jordan Campbell
Animation: animator
Abdulghani Fawaz
Animation: animator
Emily Katske
Animation: lead animator
Sean Ward
Animation: animator
Mars Ashton
senior quality assurance analyst
Emilia de Santis
Evan Rogers
additional engineering
Ryan Foster
quality assurance manager
Jason Keeney
lead engineer
Tina Kowalewski
business development
Brett Lajzer
senior graphics engineer
Aya Nakazato
Yiyi Zhang
community manager
Joel Corelitz
Music Department: music
Music Department: music
Azuria Sky
Music Department: music
Arianna Trames
Casting Department: voice casting coordinator
Chelsee Bolivar
Location Management: location manager
Miyoko Jackson
Location Management: studio manager