Description: A combination of exciting platforming action, wild power-ups, and charming Mario style has made Super Mario Bros. 3 a classic. With Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3, you have your chance to partake in the special adventure anywhere you go on your Game Boy Advance. Your mission is to rescue the Mushroom Kingdom monarchs who have been transformed into animals by Bowser and his mischievous offspring, and in the process save the princess kidnapped by Bowser. Traverse eight huge worlds and encounter fun minigames and frantic boss battles as you explore the first Mario game to use an overworld map.


  • Game Boy Advance
Initial Release Date: Oct 21, 2003
  • Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo


Hiroyuki Kimura
Directed By
Shigeru Miyamoto
Written By: characters
Charles Martinet
Cast: Mario,Luigi
Jen Taylor
Cast: Princess Peach
Satoru Iwata
Produced By: executive producer
Takashi Tezuka
Produced By: producer
Taiju Suzuki
Sound: sound
Yoshitomo Kitamura
Art Department: artwork
Yôichi Kotabe
Art Department: artwork
Kanae Kobata
special thanks