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  • Summary: An adventure where you control the news and its impact on society, your friends and career. Different choices lead to unique combinations of endings. Share your story with the community, and see what the players before you did.
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  1. Sep 16, 2019
    The fact I’ve spent the past day playing and replaying Headliner shows how addictive it is. In fact, even as I’m writing this, I’m eager to go back and try out some different choices to see how that impacts the game. That’s not something that happens very often, at least in my experience, and it’s why this game is easily one of the best I’ve played in a very long time.
  2. Sep 25, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews is a solid political adventure title with gut-wrenching decisions and scathing morality. If you can withstand the crushing weight of your decisions, you're sure to love your time in Novistan.
  3. Oct 14, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews is a fun game that really can emphasis just how powerful a headline and news story can be, not to mention the wider impact it can have on a society. This is an experience that pushes the adage that actions have consequences so well.
  4. Sep 17, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews has a great concept, interesting characters that you’ll care about, and potential of an enormous amount of replayability. But each part of the game is hindered by something else that can make getting through it a bit tedious or annoying. However, despite these problems, it's at least worth one or two playthroughs.
  5. Oct 8, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews puts the player in a newspaper desk with the power to decide which stories will be published and along with this, the responsibility of taking major decisions that affect other characters' lives. This is the major selling point of Headliner: NoviNews and at the same time, it's also what will put it off for other players who will find this concept less appealing. Nevertheless and despite some less enthusiastic aspects of this game, players who dedicate themselves will be motivated into taking this experience further and further.
  6. Sep 30, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews isn’t meant to dazzle people with super tight, unique, and revolutionary gameplay. It is, however, immensely replayable as it gives room for you to play through the story again and make all sorts of different choices the second or third time around. Whichever route you take, the entire practice of selecting which articles to publish is to get you thinking about the role journalism plays in society. It’s meant to provoke thought and test the player’s willingness to stay true to their own self in the face of ever-growing moral quandaries.
  7. 60
    I admire what the developers were trying to do with Headliner. It might be under siege, but journalism continues to fulfill a critical role in society. A game that explores the many and varied tensions that media outlets need to juggle is one way to demystify the media for people who are, increasingly, told outright lies about what the media is and what it should do. Sadly Headliner’s lack of depth, subtlety and nuance undermines the point that it was driving at. That its core design principle is also so derivative of one of the most lauded “art games” of the last decade doesn’t help it, either.

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  1. Sep 5, 2019
    Headliner: NoviNews surge com uma intenção boa e tem seus momentos, mas um sistema político simples demais e direções de arte e de som queHeadliner: NoviNews surge com uma intenção boa e tem seus momentos, mas um sistema político simples demais e direções de arte e de som que deixam a desejar impedem que o jogo cumpra com todo o seu potencial. De qualquer maneira, ainda pode ser uma boa porta de entrada para quem começa a se interessar por política. Expand