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  • Summary: I Am The Hero is a pixel art, beat 'em up, fighting game that tells the story of a "Hero" with a glorious but mysterious past. Is he the hero he thinks he is or is there a another side to this legendary figure?
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  1. Dec 14, 2018
    I am the Hero is a short and sweet beat-em-up that mixes an accessible yet comprehensive gameplay system with some challenging gameplay and unique aesthetic. Pick this one up if you’ve got a hankering to destroy the forces of evil with punches and kicks!
  2. Feb 23, 2019
    Being a hero or a God was never so rewarding. Hitting enemies while listening to its soundtrack is great, but it does not offer difficulty or many hours of play.
  3. Dec 18, 2018
    I Am The Hero starts off well enough, but quickly the sheen wears thin and you’re left with a by the numbers beat ‘em up that is let down by its inability to balance difficulty with technical performance.
  4. Mar 26, 2019
    Ultimately, I Am The Hero is fun for an hour or so but it’s impossible to recommend beyond that unless you really miss the halcyon days of the side-scrolling beat ’em up. It may well be that you can push through it if you like to chase scores, but it just lacks that special something that made the classics so good. It would be ludicrous to say you should play this and not just Streets of Rage 2 on one of the many compilations it has appeared on.
  5. Feb 25, 2019
    I Am the Hero tries to bring back the 16-bit sidescrolling beat'em up and for a game that features such a good art style and amount of attacks and combos, its overall experience falls short of what is to be expected. Repetitiveness, poor controls and performance issues end up harming this effort, which could have risen to a much higher level if they had been properly addressed.
  6. Mar 13, 2019
    By spending money on I Am The Hero, you are basically getting a retro-inspired beat 'em up that will last for an evening or two. It's enjoyable, but its tiny length and replay value make it feel more like a forgettable rental.
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  1. May 26, 2019
    The game is cool, the art is awersome but the FRAMERATE DROPS made it almost unplayable. I'm not overreacting here, the game runs really badThe game is cool, the art is awersome but the FRAMERATE DROPS made it almost unplayable. I'm not overreacting here, the game runs really bad most of the time while playing coop; can't believe the developers released something witch such a low performance. We finished the campaign but the experience was awful due to this issue; i would probably go for a way better review if the game is optimized at some point. Expand