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  • Summary: Smash, clobber and bash the murderous legends of Slavic mythology in this darkly funny action role-playing game that changes every time you play. Play as Ivan, a one-handed blacksmith with incredibly bad luck, who must take on the impossible tasks given to him by the tzar.
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  1. Dec 19, 2019
    Yaga Delivers an entertaining and quite original action-RPG-roguelike experience with a gorgeous artistic style and an enjoyable slavic mythology twist.
  2. Nov 24, 2019
    Yaga is great adventure with some RPG touches. We’ve found it very charming and, even if it is quite short, it’s also replayable.
  3. Dec 15, 2019
    If you just want a wacky, dependable game with few issues, Yaga will quench your thirst for RPG action.
  4. Nov 23, 2019
    Yaga has bags of personality and benefits greatly from being steeped in superbly atmospheric Slavic folklore. It's well-written, features lots of excellently-delivered dialogue and has a fantastically kooky sense of humour, all of which helps to carry it along in spite of its bland level design and run-of-the-mill combat. The choices you make as you play through Ivan's adventure do actually affect proceedings enough that the whole thing warrants more than one playthrough and, if you can make peace with that pretty nonsensical bad luck mechanic and uninspiring gameplay, you'll find a fun little adventure here featuring a cast of characters who are well worth spending some time with.
  5. Nov 29, 2019
    As far as action RPGs go, Yaga is a simple but competent effort. Thanks to an intuitive gameplay and to its art style and plot, Yaga can certainly answer to those looking for a simple but fun experience. Pity that it cannot fulfill more of its potential, as its combat is too superficial and the exploration too linear, while its luck system needs a better calibration and the HD Rumble feature should be set aside altogether.
  6. Dec 5, 2019
    Yaga is a game you’ll want to like, and some of its brighter qualities may be enough to justify the purchase. If it weren’t so combat-heavy, the unusual fantasy world and narrative could better outshine the action, the way the game deserves.
Score distribution:
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  1. Dec 31, 2019
    Шикарное приключение, многие диалоги в стихах. Играем с ребенком, очень нравится как обыграны классические сказочные сюжетыШикарное приключение, многие диалоги в стихах. Играем с ребенком, очень нравится как обыграны классические сказочные сюжеты