Description: After being promoted by Michael Corleone to Don of New York, players expand to new cities, as they build up their families through extorting businesses, monopolizing illegal crime rings and defeating new families in an effort to become the most powerful mob family in America. To help players manage their empire, The Godfather II introduces "The Don's View" – an innovative strategy meta-game that allows players to oversee the entire world as they grow the family business. Using the Don's View, players will be able to build, defend and expand their crime rings, while keeping an eye on the movements and plans of the rival families. Players will also learn to master the business of organized crime by building a family of Made Men, hiring crew, handing out orders, and promoting their best men up the ranks. Set in a stunning open-world environment, The Godfather II expands on the popular gameplay mechanics of the first game and doubles down on the series' signature BlackHand control scheme, which now features even more visceral hand-to-hand brutality at your fingertips, introducing a new combo system, pressure tactics and executions. In The Godfather II, players fight alongside their hand-picked crew, who have their own skills and expertise. Each family member specializes in a specific field such as demolitions, arson, engineering, first-aid and more. As The Don you control the family, sending some of your men on missions while heading off into action with others. The combination of strategic organized crime gameplay and brutal BlackHand action promises to set The Godfather II apart from other open-world games. Play The Godfather II online multiplayer modes and become the true Don of Dons. Take your money, weapons, and crew from your single-player experience online and wage mob warfare against up to 16 players from around the world. Play as one of the family’s crew specialists and put your best strategies to the test as you take over territory and strike back at rivals. Earn upgrades and money that can be used in your single-player experience. [Electronic Arts]


  • Xbox 360
  • PC
  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Apr 7, 2009
  • EA Redwood Shores
Publisher: Electronic Arts


Steve Coallier
Directed By
Don Regan
Directed By
John Salera
Directed By
Chris Cox
Cast: Dominic
Robert Duvall
Cast: Tom Hagen
Carlos Ferro
Cast: Michael Corleone
Calum Grant
Cast: Leroy Petriboni,Additional Voices
Joe Hanna
Cast: Tony Rosato,Additional voices
Aaron Wilton
Cast: Roy Giordano,Additional Voices
Tim Talbot
Cast: Richie Discenza,Lt. Governor Robert Rizzo,Additional Voices
Danny Jacobs
Cast: Hyman Roth
John Mariano
Cast: Fredo Corleone
Vic Polizos
Cast: Don Rico Granados,Additional Voices
Chris Edgerly
Cast: Senator Pat Geary,Additional Voices
Sasha Roiz
Cast: Don Esteban Almeida,Additional Voices
Gavin Hammon
Cast: Frankie Pentangeli
Deborah Ben-Eliezer
Cast: Esther Moreno,Additional Voices
Lorri Holt
Cast: Rosa Scarletti
Ed Francis Martin
Cast: Tony Rosato,Additional Voices
Aimee Miles
Cast: Maria Torres,Additional Voices
Robert Ernst
Cast: Matthew Tilden,Additional Voices
Rick Pasqualone
Cast: Aldo Trapani,Policeman,Senate Committee Chairman,Additional Voices
Joe Paulino
Cast: Carmine Rosato,Paolo Riccitello,Additional Voices
Peter A. Hulne
Cast: Agent Henry Mitchell
Jim Medelin
Cast: Leon Brinker,Additional Voices
Ralph Peduto
Cast: Carmine Rosato
Sergio Gonzales
Cast: Cuban President,Additional Voices
Ryan Drummond
Cast: Bill Bardi,Additional Voices
Tom Chantler
Cast: Joe Primanti,Additional Voices
Sergio Gonzalez
Cast: Cuban President, Additional Voices
Cameron Lee
Produced By: producer
Hunter Smith
Produced By: executive producer
Andrew Boyd
Sound: audio director
Brook Lynn Fraser
Sound: production assistant: sound
Andre La Velle
Sound: sound designer
Terri Douglas
Casting Director
Jeff Kuipers
Visual Effects: visual effects director
Blair Leckie
Visual Effects: motion capture team
Alexandre Messier
Visual Effects: motion capture systems specialist
Aaron Roosevelt
Visual Effects: visual effects artist
Si Duy Tran
Assistant Director: cinematic director
Yukiko Arakawa
Art Department: art director: user interface
John Bell
Art Department: art director: characters
John Calhoun
Art Department: lead game designer
Megan Carabetta
Art Department: art director: environments
Travis Fike
Art Department: art department
Edwin Molina
Art Department: environment artist
Ben Wronsky
Art Department: Senior Technical Artist
Addison Eisenbarth-Debolt
Animation: animator
David Gainey
Animation: cinematics animator
Collin Hennen
Animation: animation director
David Jackson
Animation: senior animator
Gil John Rodriguez
Animation: lead texture artist
Chris Stone
Animation: key animator
Si Duy Tran
Animation: lead animator
Barry Ellis
quality assurance
Eric Grosser
lead designer
Bill Conti
Music Department: composer: additional music
Nick Fevola
Music Department: music preparation
Ashley Irwin
Music Department: music arranger
Corey Allen Jackson
Music Department: composer: additional music,music arranger,music programmer
Steve Juliani
Music Department: music preparation
Janet Ketchum
Music Department: music contractor
Andrew Kinney
Music Department: orchestrator
Beverly Koeckeritz
Music Department: music licensing manager
Andre La Velle
Music Department: music supervisor
Christopher Lennertz
Music Department: orchestrator
Clair Marlo
Music Department: composer additional music
Steve Schnur
Music Department: executive music producer
Jeff Vaughn
Music Department: Recorded and Mixed by: Music
Philip White
Music Department: music programmer
Terri Douglas
Casting Department: voice casting