Description: The earth has been struck by a mysterious purple beam of light, and everyone touched by it has turned into a giant zombie. You are the chosen one and it is up to you to rescue the last survivors on earth by leading them to safety through zombie-infested streets. With a classic arcade style overhead view, make your way through detailed real-world cities and use your heat vision to find people hiding in buildings. Then lead them to the Escape Zone before time runs out in this frantic game. Real Cities - Each stage is brought to life with real aerial photography of the actual city, with multiple levels of zoom to get the best view of the area to see where the survivors, and zombies, are hiding out. Zombies and Bosses - The Last Guy features 10 types of zombies and 4 types of bosses to avoid and outwit as the player races around the city rescuing survivors. Special Abilities - Utilize special powers such as dash to get away from zombies, thermography vision to see where people are hiding, and a whistle to get your long line to huddle up and get out of zombies’ paths. Power-Ups - Take advantage of five kinds of power-ups to help complete each stage, including stamina boosts, freezing time, warping back to the Escape Zone, and temporary invisibility. Extra Stages - Players can unlock Extra Stages to play with super high scores. [SCEA]


  • PlayStation 3
Initial Release Date: Aug 28, 2008
  • SCE Japan Studio
Publisher: SCEA