Description: After having put the adventure game genre back into the spotlight with the Runaway trilogy, which had captivated more than a million players during the last decade, Pendulo Studios is back with an original, great adventure game. The Next BIG Thing revisits with class and humor the fantastic movie genre with a modern, funny adventure packed with hints and references made to popular movies and TV shows. The story introduces the couple of charismatic heroes Dan Murray and Liz Allaire involved in an incredible and crazy adventure, full of twists and packed with moments of pure comedy! With The Next BIG Thing, Pendulo Studios stay faithful to their unique graphic style that puts their games close to actual animated movies. The Next BIG Thing also maintains Runaway’s popular and beloved ingredients: an intricate story, funny and charismatic characters, wacky mysteries and puzzles, and a definite adult and modern tone.


  • PC
Initial Release Date: Apr 21, 2011
  • Pendulo Studios
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive


Barbara Scaff
Cast: Liz Allaire
Mike Powers
Cast: Dan Murray
Allan Wenger
Cast: Narrator
Jerry Di Giacomo
Cast: William A. FitzRandolph
Doug Rand
Cast: Professor Fly,Edgar Kajdanovski,The Poet of Pain,FitzRandolph's Robots,MC,The Boss
Leslie Clack
Cast: The Oracle of Shadows,Life-O-Meter,Assistant Director
Sharon Mann
Cast: Queenie Allaire
Jodi Forrest
Cast: Anne-Marie Allaire,Eva Marie
Christina Batman
Cast: High Priestess Krom-Ha
Paul Bandey
Cast: Spencer McDundee,Barry Zelssius,The Boss's Assistant
David Gasman
Cast: Big Albert,The Grim Reaper,Zelssius's Robots
Matthew Géczy
Cast: Immaterial Man
Georg Hach
Produced By: producer
Doug Rand
voice director: English version