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  • Summary: The life of a thief isn’t easy: always hiding in shadows, clients cheat, traps bite… Working on a contract for a mysterious client, you’ll need to infiltrate the tower of the powerful sorcerer Beatrice, steal her Book of Recipes, and get out alive.
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  1. Jul 22, 2019
    Whilst its mechanical depth leaves a lot to be desired, and whilst it’s far from the most innovative of its kind, The Tower of Beatrice goes on to provide a neat escape room-like puzzler that doesn’t at all outstay its welcome. Those looking for an interesting take on the hidden object concept will pull the most from this, but even so, I would caution against setting expectations too high. It’s fun and unique, but somewhat let down in the long run.
  2. Aug 6, 2019
    The Tower of Beatrice manages to present itself as a cheap and mildly enjoyable point-and-click offering that’ll last a couple of hours.
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  1. Jul 31, 2019
    The Tower of Beatrice is a fantasy point and click adventure. You're a thief, hired to steal the recipe book of the great Alchemist Beatrice.The Tower of Beatrice is a fantasy point and click adventure. You're a thief, hired to steal the recipe book of the great Alchemist Beatrice. After scaling the tower, and getting the book, you find you're now trapped in the tower, and you have to solve Beatrice's puzzles, and find your way out of the tower. This is where our story starts, as the book talks, and 'helps' you along the way with input and alchemy recipes! The game it self isn't too terribly long, but it's fun getting to the end and saving the day. The puzzles presented by the tower will keep you thinking, as none of them are exactly straight forward. There is a hint button, and it doesn't always tell you what to do, but the hints can be extremely helpful sometimes. All of the answers are there, you just have to look, and think a bit, i can't say i didn't hit the hint button. The tower itself only has 6 rooms, but they can take quite a bit to figure out. I can't say I've ever had a boss battle in a point and click, but you'll find yourself fighting an enemy in the last scene, a puzzle in itself. Overall The Tower of Beatrice was an interesting adventure, and kept me thinking. If you love a good point and click adventures, this one stands out from the rest! Expand