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  1. Jan 28, 2018
    A game recommended for all types of players, especially puzzle and platform lovers with many hours of gameplay.
  2. Jan 18, 2018
    Vesta is a lovely little story-filled puzzler that is powered by humour and brings enough thought as to why, what and when at all times. It’s not the most perfect game, and slight control issues, a repetitive soundtrack and massive save problems put a downer on things, but it’s still worth taking a shot at.
  3. Feb 2, 2018
    In theory there is an interesting concept hidden in the futuristic labyrinth Vesta has to escape with the help of her wits and her robot guardian. But the execution is too inconsequential too often, thus rendering the interesting mechanics redundant.
  4. Feb 22, 2018
    If it wasn’t obvious from my subtle hints and unique way of sewing words into sentences, puzzle games aren’t my favorite thing in the world. Vesta did a good job though, and kept me entertained throughout my adventure. There were growing pains to be had; the controls felt sluggish at times, the the view style led to more deaths than I care to announce, and many times I had to step away in frustration, but it was presented in a fun way that kept me going. The characters are good, and the atmosphere is even better, but most importantly the puzzles are great. If you’ve got a few bucks lying around, and an itch for some sci-fi escapism, then Vesta is a good choice for you.
  5. Jan 22, 2018
    Vesta is a quaint title that provides suitably challenging environmental puzzles for those who decide to take a shot at it. The story isn't anything special, but the gameplay is more than enough to keep you playing. Despite this, you may still find yourself getting needlessly frustrated at a few deaths due to the awkward controls that occasionally bubble to the surface. When everything works as intended, though, Vesta and the droid work well together, allowing you to comfortably test your brain to a satisfactory degree.
  6. Feb 5, 2018
    Vesta tends to remain enjoyable throughout the entirety of play, offering up some colorful visuals and decent puzzle design. However, this is hardly a groundbreaking experience, seeing as many aspects of play have already been better achieved elsewhere, time and time again.
Score distribution:
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  1. Jan 19, 2018
    Puzzle platformers have been going for a long time now and I must confess that I actually quite enjoy them because I don’t find them toPuzzle platformers have been going for a long time now and I must confess that I actually quite enjoy them because I don’t find them to taxing, which is nice. Vesta is the latest game to enter the puzzle adventure genre and for the most part it holds up pretty well and it can deliver some enjoyable moments despite the niggling problems it has. Something that really impressed me about this game was the level design. The levels in the game are full of variety and that means things don’t become boring, which is great. The gameplay has a lot of different mechanics in play at the same time and they all hold up really well, and I must admit that I was especially impressed with the character-swapping mechanic. The game also boasts quite a few different puzzles and whilst none of them are bad in design I found them to be a little on the easy side and I was craving more of a challenge. An important aspect in a game like this is how the controls hold up, and thankfully they hold up really well. They keep things simple when it comes to the controls and this means you can focus on the tasks at hand and the best thing is that these tasks never cause you problems because everything remains responsive throughout. Unfortunately everything isn’t all plain sailing in the game though and it does suffer with a few technical issues. The main issue I came across was the saving feature because sometimes it doesn’t always save and if you die you can lose a lot of progress, which is very frustrating to say the least. The presentation side of the game is nothing special but it is something that I enjoyed. Visually the game has a nice look to it and it has quite a bit of charm going for it. The sound design is also charming and it never once got on my nerves, which is a bonus. At the end of the day Vesta is a game that provided me with quite a bit of fun and in a way I wanted a little more. Unfortunately there isn’t much content for you to sink your teeth into and with no multiplayer modes the replay value is quite low, which is a shame. I will say though that the content it does have is pretty good and it does enough to get a recommendation from me. Expand