IFC First Take | Release Date: February 6, 2008
Summary: In this heist film that gets everything right about a crime that goes all too wrong, it difficult keeping track of who is doing what to whom and why. Who is robbing the bank? What are they after? These are the simple elements that keep rearranging themselves as Jinx and Jessica find themselves trapped inside a vault, with bank-robber Simon, stuck on the other side of the vault door, and the police stuck outside the bank. A fresh, freewheeling take on a genre perennial, Jenkins' film playfully hits the reset button every time things seem to settle into place. (IFC Films)
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Runtime: 81 min
Production: Rick Lashbrook Films
Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Comedy, Crime
Country: USA
Language: English
Home Release Date: Sep 2, 2008
Director Credit
Andrews Jenkins Director
Writer Credit
Andrews Jenkins Writer
Cast Credit
Adriano Aragon Fellow Officer
Britt Delano Key Witness
Chris Lerude SWAT Sniper #1
David Carradine Nick
Erika Christensen Jessica
Gavin Rossdale Simon
Kristin Wallace Jessica
Leo Fitzpatrick Gunman
Nick Stahl Jinx
Nicolo Dorian Gunman
Renee Cohen Hostage
Sabrina Machado Hostage
Silke Fernald Hostage
Terry Crews Officer DeGepse
Producer Credit
Alan Pao Post-Production Producer
Arthur M. Sarkissian Producer
Brent Morris Co-Producer
Darby Parker Producer
Kyle Dean Jackson Post-Production Producer
Peter Sussman Executive Producer
Randy Delano Executive Producer
Rick Lashbrook Producer
Tamara Delano Executive Producer
Tim O'Hair Producer