Description: For years, friends and actors Maurice, Sami, Simon, Elie, and Edouard have been waiting for their big break. The future looks bright when famous American director Rudolph Grichenberg (Coyote) offers Maurice the part of Shylock in his Yiddish screen adaptation of "The Merchant of Venice". But his fortunes reverse quickly when Maurice learns that his beloved wife Perla is seriously ill. With his friends' help, Maurice takes on the greatest role of his life, and in playing his part, illuminates the meaning of art, love, and truth. (First Run Features)


Production Company 7IA, Canal+, Caroline Productions, Egérie Productions, La Région Île-de-France, Les Films Alain Sarde, Les Films de l'Espoir
Release Date May 6, 2005
Duration 1 h 29 m
Rating Not Rated
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