Cast & Crew

Directed By

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Steve Chen
Self - YouTube Co-Founder
Jillian C. York
Self - Author, Free Expression Activist
Hany Farid
Self - Professor, UC Berkeley, Computer Science and School of Information
Talia Lavin
Self - Journalist, Author
Anthony Padilla
Self - YouTube Creator, Smosh
Ian Hecox
Self - YouTube Creator, Smosh
Susan Wojcicki
Self - Former YouTube CEO
Nitasha Tiku
Self -Tech Culture Reporter, The Washington Post
Becca Lewis
Self - Digital Media Researcher
Natalie Wynn
Self - YouTube Creator, ContraPoints
Caleb Cain
Self - YouTube Creator, Faraday Speaks
Brianna Wu
Self - Software Engineer, Video Game Developer
Carrie Goldberg Loann
Self - Online Abuse Lawyer
Andy Parker
Self - Father of Alison Parker
Dave Lauer
Self - CEO Urvin.ai and Al Ethics Writer
Ryan Kaji
Self - YouTube Creator, Ryan's World
Shion Kaji
Self - Ryan's Father
Self - Lost Mother to Far Right YouTube Conspiracy Videos
Jackie Aina
Self - YouTube Creator
Nicole Arbour
Self - YouTube Creator
Justin Bieber
Self - Musician
Brooke Brodack
Self - YouTube Creator
Steven Crowder
Self - Host, Louder with Crowder
Mike Doyle
Self - US Congressman
Mark Fischbach
Self - YouTube Creator
Chad Hurley
Self - YouTube Co-Founder
Carly Rae Jepsen
Self - Musician
Alex Jones
Self - Host, Infowars
Self - Ryan's Mother
Jawed Karim
Self - YouTube Co-Founder
Robert Kyncl
Self - Chief Business Officer, YouTube
Shawn Mendes
Self - Musician
Daniel Middleton
Self - YouTube Creator
Stefan Molyneux
Self - Far-Right Podcaster and Former YouTube Creator
Candace Owens
Self - Political Commentator
Larry Page
Self - Google Co-Founder
Alison Parker
Self - WDBJ Reporter
Jordan B. Peterson
Self - Author and Commentator
Sundar Pichai
Self - Google CEO
Zoë Quinn
Self - Video Game Developer, Programmer and Writer
Elliot Rodger
Self - Mass Shooter
Donald Trump
Self - 45th President of the United States
Adam Ward
Self - WDBJ Cameraman
Millennial Woes
Self - YouTube Creator

Produced By

Jade AlFitz
Mike Beck
executive producer
Michael Cho
executive producer
Michael Y. Chow
executive producer
Devorah DeVries
co-producer / supervising producer
Tim Lee
executive producer
Kevin M. Lin
executive producer
Liza Mann
field producer
John Morzen
social media producer
Ian Orefice
executive producer
Mimi Rode
executive producer
Kayla Saunders
field producer
Rebecca Teitel
executive producer
Sue Turley
executive producer
Alex Winter
Glen Zipper


Peter Nicoll
director of photography


Alex Nomick
sound designer
Nick Pavey
dialogue editor



Gabrielle Shelton
makeup artist


Andrew Hoevler
motion designer


Bob Festa


Carolina Gimenez
field producer
Barbara Karen
production accountant

Music Department

JJ McBride
theme music composer
Tracy McKnight
music supervisor
Mark Skillingberg
music editor
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